Archive | July 12, 2011

3 in 1 birthday post

First and foremost a very happy birthday to sweet aunty – Hephzibah’s mom. She is turning 65 on July 17th.

Though I met you recently and we have talked very little on those visits I was able to feel the warmth and care you hold for everyone around especially for your grand children. Here we are all wishing you a blasting birthday and great year ahead. Have a wonderful day aunty. I am sure Hephzibah and grand children will make your day the best. Enjoy your day and pass on some cakes if there are any leftovers 😉

Second yeah it is second birthday of Shruti’s blog.  Without this blog what would I have done to engage my five year old then?  I love this blog and not to mention the blog author too 😉 for all her ideas and creativity. Way to go and keep up the good work Shruti.. Your blog had definitely played a vital role in developing Adi’s interest in arts and crafts.  Thank you so much for all that..

Click on this image to visit Shruti’s blog (there is chance to win a gift people)…

And last but not the least my blog also joins this celebration post to celebrate its second birthday.  This blog mirrors my parenthood and hope it will be cherished by Adi during her days.. Hoping to keep it alive till then.. Though the blog world stoles away some of my daily time the returns are remarkable.  I could see and feel the  shift in self. Without this blog I would not have met wonderful people like you all especially people like Swaram who are so inspirational and optimistic in all they do.  Thanks to you all my blog friends for supporting me to keep this blog alive.. Thanks again..