this post took a new turn

This post was supposed to be a lighter one teasing the big hue and cry Adi was making about the nail scratch in her hand early this week like don’t touch it, I don’t want to bath with this boo boo, do I need a band aid?, I am not able to lift my hand, can you feed me today? … I even took a picture of that nail scratch but not in a mood to upload it as  yesterday the girl returned home with a bigger one .. multiple scratches in her face..  She and her friend ran towards the water fountain and in that race this girl fell down flat with her face hitting the ground resulting in scratches on one side of her face on cheek, nose, lips, chin and chest..  when I went to pick-up she was standing there alone with a wet tissue covering one side of her face. That moment I knew she got hurt and without noticing anyone on the way I was literally running towards her to take off the tissue and see the details.  The scratches are minor and she should be alright in couple of days but what bothers me is why didn’t she protect her face with hand? M says she lacks that reflexive action like him. Is that true? I guess kids or any human use their hands as first weapon to protect.  I have seen kids hurting their hand or knees.  Is it common to hurt their face without hurting  hand or knee?  The same incident happened few years back. It is the same place of the cheek that is hurt now.. Accident like these happens but I am telling you it is very hard to accept…

Her first question after I picked up was can I go to school tomorrow? She wanted to go as the summer camp’s this week theme is “Holiday week” and today they are having a Halloween costume contest. She has been planning for this day for more than a week now.  I just replied with my usual “Let’s see”. She was very upset and I was more upset than her.  The moment I see her face to face my eyes well up. Later I consoled her rather myself by saying “I will do anything she wants today”..  guess this little devil’s response? she wanted to do a TV marathon. I agreed. she knows me better huh? The first thing she did after reaching home is see her face in mirror.  It was tough to see her.  She refused to join me to the library as she didn’t want to show her boo boo to anyone.  The day ended with applying Betnovate, more TV and she got all that she asked for that minor nail scratch…

Today morning one of the wiggly tooth at bottom row fell off but she was okay with it as it was due to fall for quite some time.  She was feeling better and we left the option of going to school to her.  She choose to go. So, she is at school now with the Halloween costume and I am here with the mommy guilt. Did she get hurt because I was teasing her with that minor nail scratch? Anyways I am planning to pick her up early today and pamper her for rest of the day… We might even skip the annual corporate family picnic this weekend. I don’t want to take her to the crowd if she is not comfortable.. poor girl.. this is not the way I wanted her summer to be but we have no option … 😦


4 thoughts on “this post took a new turn

  1. oh no! Poor baby. Hope she is all better soon.

    And hugs to you Ani. As much as mommy guilt raises its head, you know you are not at fault her. Hugs again.

  2. oh god, Adi! dont worry she will learn from it, di. she will be k. I can able to understand feelings, di.
    just make her feel comfortable as she was.
    take care

    • yeah I know she will never ever run a race like that again.. she saw her face in mirror today morning and was feeling very sad as “why do I look so yucky?”… I didn’t know how to react.. 😦

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