Longwood gardens and Hershey visit

I admit this post is late again but I am not a never person.. Multiple attempts were made to draft this post and I didn’t know till today evening that today is the day to hit the publish.

On 4th of July long weekend we were out of the nest for two days on a trip to next state.

Day one – The journey started at 8 am and we drove to Longwood gardens with one service area stop and more importantly not missing the route.  Not so late but just when we were 100 miles away from home M had a light bulb moment and remembered that he left his backpack at home.. the bag that had all reservation e-tickets printout and his laptop.  whatz the fun if everything goes as planned huh? Without wasting a second my smart dumb mind started recalculating as how long it will take to go back home when M suggested to call the toll free number of the places (I had these numbers just in case if we were lost) we planned to visit and check if we can manage without the physical copy of tickets.. they all agreed to reprint the tickets at their facility.. may be they would have seen smarter people than us in their past experience 🙂  okay back to the trip we reached gardens half past 12 and other families joined us shortly after that. We were a total of four families each with one kid all toddlers with us having the eldest.  Do I already have a 6 year old?  time is flying..  We all had lunch at garden restaurant, roamed around the garden till 3pm and then saved our spot with chairs for the fireworks show scheduled at 9:15 pm the same day for which we had already reserved tickets.  Patriotic people were standing in line with chairs from 1pm….

water fountain show at open air theater (please to ignore me talking non stop 🙂 )

What to do between 3:30pm to 8:30pm? So we checked in to hotel, relaxed for a while and then came back to the gardens at around 8:30 pm for the fireworks show.  The show was jaw dropping. It had 3D effect and Adi was crying non-stop for first 5 minutes. She was like “I want to go home right now..” but the same girl in next 45 mins when the fireworks were over asked “Can I see more? when is the next one?”.. that was the magic.. Had dinner on the way back and reached hotel at midnight. how could we drive with not a single miss so we did miss a right turn and drove another 20 minutes to come back to the turn..

fireworks – listen to her crying from 4:00 to 4:20

Day two – Started the day with complimentary breakfast at the hotel and drove to Hershey’s chocolate world.  It was a pleasant drive on country side full of farms (mostly corn farm fields) on either side.. At some intersections tonga’s waited along with us for signal 🙂 . Reached Hershey’s around 12pm and spent time over there till evening. We took a fun trolley ride around the town, watched a 3D chocolate show (Adi was literally jumping to catch the chocolates), was part of different kinds of chocolate tasting adventure, packaged our own kisses chocolate box and finally bought loads and loads of chocolates enough for next two months if was gobbled at the rate of two per day…

Reluctantly we said bye bye to the chocolate world in the evening with mouthful of chocolates and drove back home…

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