Just for smile – 15

at the cost of me people (as always !!!!)

Scene: I am at kitchen in the middle of cooking and Adi at living room watching the idiot box
Time: On a typical tiring evening after a long day

Me: (for the hundredth time in literally begging tone) Paapppaa can you please come here and do your writing?
Adi: Okay I know you will say NO but but I really want to play for a while in laptop first.
Me: (gave up) do whatever you wish.. don’t ask me anything anymore…
Adi: Oookkaaayyyy what should I write for today?
Me: (with some hope again..) do this Math addition sheet (two digits addition with no carrying)
Adi: OMG two digits addition? Am I not supposed to do this in 2nd grade?
Me:  gives a big lecture about carry and no carry and end of it succeeds in convincing her that addition of any digit with no carry is not a big deal (Sigh did my mom do this? convincing me for every single thing in this whole world? just a spank  stare would do. I was such a good girl you know..)
Adi: Alright Mommy. I got it. Now don’t mess me up. I will do them by myself.
(after completing three in a row)
Adi: Mommy is 31+31 equals 62?
Me: Can you please check again and tell me if it is right or wrong?
Adi: IT IS 62. don’t you know?
Me: (to encourage her to do more) I am trying to learn from you pappa

Now comes the laughing part

Adi:  Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! can there be a parent not knowing a simple two digit addition and trying to learn from their child? I can’t believe this !!!!!!!!!

I was about to add three more spoons of chilli powder to the cauliflower (gritting my teeth all along).. you know how it feels don’t you?


4 thoughts on “Just for smile – 15

  1. lol! That sure would have made me dump the whole box of chili powder into the poor cauliflower on the stove! The changes motherhood heralds! Gasp! I will have to go through this in a few yrs

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