Spirit Week

This week theme at Adi’s summer camp is Spirit week.

Monday was Crazy hat day – We made this hat last weekend inspired from here. The tiara on top and the chenille stem swirls are Adi’s original ideas (as she claimed 🙂 ).. multi-color construction papers and beads are my suggestions. She was kind enough to accept my suggestion 😉  Also instead of paper plate we used foam plate just for the simple reason that we only had foam plates at home…

does this qualify for this month’s artsy craftsy theme? I am linking it…

Tuesday – Pajama day – Kids wore pajama and took blanket with them.  They had lunch in bed. Also, today they designed their own white t-shirts to wear for the talent show.

Wednesday – Mismatch day – Will post pics tomorrow. Adi is planning to wear different color shoes and socks. I have some ideas. Let’s see..

Thursday – Talent show – She picked jump roping and is practicing hard for that… Her first choice was singing and dancing but one of her friend already picked it and since the talent has to be unique our girl picked jump roping (very unique talent right?).. After talent show they will have pizza party.

Friday – As any other regular Friday with a visit to nearby park to enjoy sprinklers.



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