Archive | July 29, 2011

Mismatch day costume

As promised here is Adi’s costume for mismatch day. I can’t believe we really did this looking at the costume now just after two days.. At her summer camp they visit nearby public library every Wednesday and this Wednesday being mismatch day the bravo kids marched to the library in mismatch costume. I asked Adi “how did you guys do this? didn’t people on the streets look  stare at you guys? She cooly said “it was okay. just that few people were laughing at us as we looked so silly and funny” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and this is the white t-shirt the kids designed self to wear for the talent show

I asked her so pappa who won the talent show?

Her response was (No editing – not even a single word)

“What do you mean who won?  Each kid had their own talent and everyone did the best they could so it wouldn’t be fair if one kid gets to win. We all won in our own talents)…  I was amazed at the way the teacher handled this…