My new love

is decorating my Kitchen window now… She joined our family few weeks back and feeding her has become my priority as I enter the Kitchen for morning and evening chores these days…  I love those moments…

We (who else I and Adi) will soon come in common terms on owning and naming her though I secretly possess her already.. SSSShhhhh please…  Its just that I did not publicize it especially to the little young lady at my home..

Secretly – Is this the only way to own anything you love after having a kid be it even a trivial thing???…


Alright, do you have any suggestions for naming her?



7 thoughts on “My new love

  1. really? does that get difficult with a kid in tow? my my…I’m learning so much reading all these posts 🙂

    the plant looks lovely…so what’s her name then?

    adding to Swar’s about chigs? 😉

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