Archive | August 17, 2011

how do you feel?

When your kid says

bad mommy – when you ask her to brush before hitting the bed

yucky mommy – when you ask her to wash face and hands in the evening before attacking snack

bad bad bad bad bad…. (is there anything above infinite just replace it here. literally she repeats bad bad bad at least for more than a minute) mommy – when you don’t let her watch TV (of course beyond the regular quota. I am not that evil) or play games in iTouch when it is way past bed time.

I will only love you if you buy something for me today.

I don’t like you anymore when you prepare her for head bath with oil massage every Sunday morning though it comes with a story.

I will not love you anymore if you don’t do this for me right away.

I will not love you anymore if you don’t let me do this.

how do you feel when you hear this repeating in different combination multiple times a day?  I know most times that its fake and not take it to my heart but dealing with this also depends on your current state of mind isn’t it?  One time I try to explain, another time I silently cry, another time I laugh it out, another time I burst, another time I sigh, another time I shrug off  but no matter how I react there is a pricking pain deep in my heart every time she says this… Hope this is phase and shall pass off soon..