Archive | August 25, 2011

Here we come Orlando

after all possible threatening first it was Adi she fell sick couple of days back which made us re think about the trip.. She was throwing up every hour and poor girl just lived on Gatorade for a whole day. Thankfully she recovered quick and next was the tremor. The tremor shock lived for a minimal time of one hour and once that was over and we were all ready to start packing we heard about hurricane Irene that is threatening east coast. Our flights are delayed by three hours. Some people are suggesting to cancel the trip but we have decided to proceed after so many considerations and a deep analysis from morning about Irene. Orlando is not in threat list.. This is my a week long family vacation… Things like these happen to me when I get too excited… Can’t blame anyone 😦

Leaving you all with this picture… See you all next week with vacation updates hopefully (fingers crossed…)