Orlando Trip – Part 1

We are back safe and sound from Orlando trip. A big thanks to all my friends who wished us a great trip.. It was a trip to cherish for rest of our life. I would tag this as a navarasa trip as it had delight, laughter, anger, fear, wonder, peace and what not.. The finishing touch of the trip was “pramadham” (Superb).. you are just few minutes away from knowing the details 🙂

25 Aug – Both of us worked from home, packed luggage and food for next one day, turned the house upside down in the process and was ready to leave by 5pm.   Adi kept her backpack and car seat near the door with the note “Things for Adi to carry for the disney trip ->” so she doesn’t miss anything. . We had two hand baggages each + one big check in baggage and a stroller (god only knows on what we packed in them)…. Flight’s scheduled departure time was 6:30 pm but it took more than five hours for the flight to get in terms with weather and finally took off at 11:55 pm.. At least it took off we thought the flight will be cancelled any minute because of Irene threat.

26 Aug – We reached Orlando Intl. Airport around 2 am, rented a mid sized car from airport and reached hotel around 3am. Slept for few hours and stepped out around 8:30 am to the first spot. It was Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure. My main interest was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but we ended up spending more time at Seuss Landing.  I and Adi were delighted to see the giant sized truffula trees, horton sitting on the branch, thing 1, thing 2 and the cat in the hat.. At Harry Potter area Adi joined me for the scariest (as she claims till date) Harry potter and the forbidden journey ride. It  is a dark ride and this being our first day even I was scared as well. Adi shouted her lungs out until I suggested shouted back to close her eyes as I did in sharp twists and turns.  After the ride she declared that she would not get into any ride that requires fastened seat belt :). She also suggested that I have to go for the ride first and based on my feedback she would consider the ride. She is one safe girl I say.

I don’t have to talk about M’s experience with rides as he is worse than Adi. The father and daughter duo called Caroussel as roller coaster and they were pretty much happy with that. I had to follow different tricks every time to board push these two into a ride.. As we approach a ride they will follow me closely and listen as I get a verbal confirmation from the ride assistant that ride doesn’t have any sudden twist or turn or drop and what not, that it is safe for a 6 year old, that it is safe for a 6 year old’s father and then decide on whether to take the ride or not… By this time 10 families would have joined the line. The most frequent word I used in this trip was “kashta kalam” (Eng : blaming my fate)… To our surprise we were done early on first day and retired early I mean very early at around 8 pm and had a sound sleep…

To be continued…

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14 thoughts on “Orlando Trip – Part 1

  1. Oh this sounds like a total fun trip. I can’t help laugh at Adi and M standing behind as you asked about the rides 😀

    Loved the pictures as well but the one with Adi with an airplane in the palms of her hands is too good. Brilliant photograph. Credit to whoever took the picutre.

  2. wow! am already awaiting the next part(s).. Adi’s snap and Hogwarts Express take the cake.. I so want to see it.. like right now.. do upload all the pics and email me the link..

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  5. Ha ha that was fun, M and Adi in same category. I am more like you. when we visited Universal I had to drag R to try those thrillers like Mummy. But by EOD we were pro, tried all rides 🙂

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