First grade – first day

Today my little girlie (not anymore) is starting first grade.  Time sure flies.

I wish her a great year ahead and hope she learns more and discovers some of the unknown chapters of this life in next one year.  Its a bliss to hear them when they discover something like “movies/characters are not real”, “the importance of money”, “time differences” etc.. She starts like this with full excitement “you know mommy….” and we respond with “wow is it !!!!”

I wish her a smooth transition and be much more brave and strong in accepting changes.  I know she will as this girl who was scared of new teacher, new friends , new classroom et all till we reached school campus started cheering some of her weeping friends once she saw them.  They all wanted to go back to their Kindergarten teacher. Adi held each one of them with both hands on either side of their shoulder, bent down to meet their face and spoke to them in a polite tone.. All I could see was as she spoke her friends were nodding back to her. I was overwhelmed to observe this from a distance.

I wish her to make new friends and have a fun filled year as she prayed this morning.  I made her do a “namaskaram” (worship) to god before leaving the house and when asked what she prayed she said “I prayed to make new friends and have fun. just one fun a day”.. This “just one fun a day” was an addendum to please me or in other words to escape from my lecture about what school is intended to be for 🙂

I wish her to accept defeats and keep going instead of just declaring after one defeat that “this is not for me”

I wish her more and more and more…. Wishing you a blast (as you say recently for everything) da pattumma..

P.S: First grade at least first day did not do any trick on us. We are still late to school. Today we were late by 5 mins. We reached school at 8:35am but luckily there was no assembly as class allocations were going on..  Hoping to improve!!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “First grade – first day

  1. ‘I prayed to make new friends and have fun. just one fun a day’ – That was so cute and so true too.

    Here’s wishing her not just ‘one’ but ‘loads and loads’ of fun as she begins her first grade at school 🙂

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