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???* – Part 1

* – Title of the post will be updated in Part 2.

On a Friday evening I fixed the snack for Adi with our typical formula. Two portions with my choices (supposedly healthy ;)) and two with her choices (supposedly junk) . I choose date fruit and mixed nuts for that day and she choose kisses choco and aloo bhujia.  She took the snack plate to living room and settled in couch to watch TV while munching the snack and I jumped into cleaning the house.  I can do all other weekend chores in peace if my house is clean.  Somehow cleanliness of the house has a direct connection to my state of mind.  I don’t know if this is good or bad anyways that’s altogether a different post rant.  Coming back to this topic around half an hour later I entered our bedroom to clean and found the two date fruit inside the temporary trash bag hanging on bedroom door knob.  That moment I was completely taken aback.  I sat on the bed for few mins to take in the situation and decided to handle it in a different way with her.  I continued with cleaning but with my mind going wild like

Why did she do this?
If I ask her did you finish all your snack? what will she reply?
How will I react if she says she ate the dates?
Did I force her to eat dates?
How long has this been going on?
Should I watch her actions?
Where did all the trust I have been building with her so long go?
What else is she hiding from me?
How am I going to handle this?

and a million other questions. This might be very trivial incident but I couldn’t accept the fact that she is hiding something from me.  She didn’t say NO to the dates. She took them happily with her to the living room and threw it silently in the garbage without my notice.  Why is she doing this? When it was time to clean living room I noticed her snack plate empty and casually (pretended to be casual) asked “did you finish ALL your snack? even dates too?  She replied with a prompt “yes. I finished them all”.

Wanna guess what happened next? Its coming up in part 2…