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???* – Part 2

Part 1 is here.

Warning: Please to read Part 1 before going ahead otherwise you will miss the thrill that is very rare to find in this blog…

Where did I leave? Yeah she promptly replied “yes. I finished them all” and the very moment my heart just shattered into a zillion pieces.. Still there was a tiniest bit of hope sticking around and as I prepared myself to leave the room she called me out. For a split second I thought its my imagination considering my mental state and deeply expecting her to confess anytime. But, she called out again with an apologetic voice

Adi: “Amma actually I want to tell you something…

Me: With my heart beat settling down to normal I asked “Yes pappa what it is about?”

Adi: Its about the dates. I eat it everyday but just today I didn’t feel like eating so threw it in the garbage. Sorry amma

Am I not supposed to get mad for this? Instead I felt totally happy. I wanted to give her a tight hug but didn’t over react as I didn’t want her to know all that I have been through for past one hour.

Hiding the happy tears that were fighting their way down to my cheek and I replied “Its okay da pattumma. Please don’t throw it in garbage next time. Give it back to amma or appa. We can save it for later. Just keep in mind that we should not waste any kind of food. Okay?”

And she nodded heavily.. 🙂   Seriously she saved me big time and I was smiling at regular intervals for next few days. Sigh what a relief…

I am still wondering on how I would have handled this if she has not uttered those last few lines..  Your two cents please

* – The title of the post is “She is my girl”   😀 😀 😀   (can’t help it folks.. I am all teeth..)