Flower Power

Shruti – I dedicate this post to you..

Here is the craft for this month’s artsy craftsy challenge made by the crafty girl.  I just informed her that the theme for this month is “flowers” and got lost in the evening chores at home. She was at living room watching TV. I thought of making some flower craft with her before going to bed but she didn’t wait for me. At the 31st minute after I informed her the theme she came to the kitchen and gave these flowers to me in a filmy style 🙂 ( Okay may be not in filmy style but someone giving me flowers is very rare blame it on M so I assumed it that way 🙂 ).  I have no clue on how she made them.  Its time for me to just act as a messenger to carry her crafts to you.  I dedicate all her crafts to you and your super duper blog..


2 thoughts on “Flower Power

    • thx Scribby.. 🙂 She made them with construction paper and chenille stems.. draw flowers in construction paper, cut them, insert chenille stems at the middle, fold the stems a little on the top, group all the flowers.. voila flower bouquet is ready 🙂

      she made a bracelet for me yesterday with construction paper.. a paper strip with flowers in the middle.. she is on a roll these days 🙂

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