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Farm Visit

2010 visit is here

This time mommy took a day off and volunteered be a chaperone so she gets to do a picture post :). Needless to say Adi was super excited about me joining her for the trip. A week before the trip the first thing she asked me every evening was “Amma did you check with your manager about leave? What did he say? “. Β Though her teacher introduced me as “Mrs.Ani” to the kids most of the time they called me as “Adi’s mom”. You should have seen this girl’s face when they called me as “Adi’s mom” for help. It was full of pride πŸ™‚ Β I had eight kids to take care of and every other minute it was like “she pushed me, he pinched me, she is not leaving way, he is taking my stuff, I need to pee, I need snacks..” I was about to do a “sashtang namaskaram” (falling on feet) to their teacher. Hats off to her for handling them with so much patience.

We left the school around 9am and it was an hour and a half drive to the farm. Adi sat next to me holding my hands tight πŸ™‚

Virtual farm trip begins

Getting on to the bus

Corn fields on the way

First thing first – So right after reaching the farm we had lunch at picnic area that had some wooden tables. (it was brown bag lunch packed from home).

Followed by pee time. Unfortunately there were only few portable toilets and the line was long.

Farm without farm animals? No way.. So we saw Goats, Lambs, Chickens, Donkeys, Horses, Cows (What you see them on road sides at India? We had to travel more than a hour to see them 😦 ) and I felt pity on seeing the kids getting too much excited for a Lamb or Goat.

On the way to apple picking

apples here , apples there, apples apples every where

Adi – busy picking the right apple for daddy

On the way back from apple picking. The kids were grouped into two and it was heart warming to see them holding on to their partner’s hand all through day.

Next was hay ride to visit the other side of the farm for potato picking and pumpkin picking.

Potato picking

Dig dig dig to get fresh potatoes.

Pumpkin picking

Greedy Adi but later she picked one that can fit her size.. Almost all the kids did the same πŸ™‚



Strawberries (Unfortunately there were no berries. The season is over 😦 )


Migrating brids

and finally back to bus with hefty bags (every person carrying a bag full of apples, bag full of potatoes and a pumpkin)

The End (Hope you are liked the virtual farm trip) πŸ™‚

P.S: For the records potatoes were roasted for dinner on the same day, apples were eaten raw and they tasted so good, pumpkins are waiting in the corner to get transformed into jack o lanterns.