Archive | October 11, 2011


Okay folks after so much deliberation I am now the proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S II smart phone. My team mates are android guys and they have convinced me enough to go for this.  No, I am not against Apple. I have a Shuffle and an iTouch. Both were gifted by special people ;).  iTouch was my first handheld device and I love it.  Listening to songs (I have a collection of 2000+ songs and listening to them in shuffle mode is bliss) and solving Sudoku in my iTouch is my favorite pass time during transit.  Without my iTouch I could have never solved a Hard level Sudoku.  I and Adi had spent hours in playing Scrabble, Word Search and Angry birds. I have many more sweet memories attached to it.

Coming to Samsung Galaxy S II this is my first smart phone and I am still exploring the features. Its cool to check gmail often except the fact that there are hardly any new mails :(. I can now save the time spent on FB in the evening every day. It has 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording. I don’t have to carry my camera or camcorder anymore.  Its very slim and light weight though height is 4.93 inches and width is 2.60 inches. Its not fitting some of my pant pockets :(.  Its super cool but reached me after a long wait. The release at USA was postponed for months and finally made its appearance on Oct 2nd.  I mean through phone careers where you get the phone at discounted price.  At market it is some $550+ and with phone career you get it for $199+2 years contract. For the records I got the phone on Oct 5th (yep 3 days after the release). There was no stock in nearby store and M purchased it from a store near his office.  I am not a gadget freak person and not sure if its worth those extra bucks for data plan every month. I may not make anything out of it except frequent checks of social network sites. But, this phone has already started growing on me…

The only sad part is that I bought it on the day Jobs said good bye to this world.  I am a true admirer of his creativity and Vision.

Presenting to you all my first smart phone 😀 😀 😀

Okay next post is a special one. Any guesses?