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Yep.. 200th post of this blog !!!!!

when there are avid bloggers around who easily reach 200 in less than a year here I am coming as slow as I could be reaching 200 after the second birthday of this blog 🙂 I can neither post daily nor do a NaBloPoMo. The content for this blog predominantly depends on the happenings around my little girl. But, I would like to promise to all my readers that I will keep this blog alive as long as I can. There is no way to escape my sweethearts 😀 I don’t even dream about shutting down this blog.  Blogging/blog hopping has become an inevitable part of daily life.  I have got so many amazing friends and learned many many life lessons in this blog world. Thank you all people for being so nice to me by commenting. It means a lot to me. I am that kinda person who cannot live a day without talking chit chatting. I love to chat with friends over phone and will automatically feel low if I don’t talk to at least one friend to my hearts content in a week. But these days my phone usage has drastically come down (blame it on really busy friends, pretending busy me and timings) and I am not feeling low either. That’s the power of virtual friends I got in this space. After reading all the blogs I follow (2 left to reach 100 subscriptions :)) , writing comments, reading other’s comments, replying to comments on my post it feels like the chit chat for that day is done and I can now peacefully get back to all my other work. That mental peace is mind blowing. Thanks again to all my blog friends.  You never know the person on other side of the world might be smiling all through the day after reading your post.. Sometimes they are thought provoking too.. So, keep writing folks..

Leaving you all with two incidents.

First one is heart warming and second one is ???

Heart warming incident
Today morning – One of those days when Adi leaves early to school and momma waves bye bye from home. M reached the outside door, she was following him and I was standing near our apartment door peeking my head out to say bye. When this girl turned back to say bye I called her closer to me and hugged her tight for no reason. She waited till I was done and instead of hugging me back my over responsible little brat said “Momma I don’t want to be late for the assembly. I got to go now. I will hug you back in the evening okay? really I got to go now momma”… She left only after getting an “Ok” signal from me. Othewise she knows momma’s day will not be good. Seriously how and when do they grow? Does it happen secretly? She melts me for no reason I say…

??? Incident

Adi: You know mommy J (boy in 2nd grade) is scared of N (girl in 1st grade)
Me: Why is he scared of her? did she hurt him?
Adi: No, actually she said she wants to marry him so he is scared of her.
Me:  Did she tell this to him? How did he know?
Adi: No. I told him (narayana narayana)
Me: Why did you tell him?
Adi (shrugging her shoulder): That’s okay because now she is not sure about it. She changed her mind but I don’t know if she changed for good.

You may want to know my reaction? I was searching for my dropped jaw in the floor 😦 😦

Now, please go ahead and do the honors of naming this ??? incident…..