October crafts

Here is our entry for this month’s artsy crafsy challenge. As usual Adi made these cards in my absence. I have NIL contribution.

and she wrote this inside

It says “Dear Shruti Aunty,  I like making crafts with my mommy”   🙂

She also made this card for me.  When she is happy her first choice would be making cards. I have got many cards from her especially when I behave to her 😉

She also made a flower bracelet for me. While fixing this on my hand she asked with an innocent face “Mommy why do I always do stuff for you and you never do anything for me? No card, no bracelet, no necklace”  what do I say? 😦 Accepted the bracelet with head down.. Have to make some thing for her soon…

On a different note she has recently started piano class in school this year.. Can you guys guess this song?

19 thoughts on “October crafts

  1. wow.. I am in awe of Adi 🙂
    Ani, make something cool for Adi and post a pic 🙂

    I think song is “Jingle bells”… if not, sorry..this is the song in my head 🙂

    • wow welcome here summerscript 🙂 thanks for your sweet words.. I will ask her to make a bracelet for you too.. she is now attacked by the braceleto-necklaco-mania 🙂 she loves to make them..

  2. she is one cute crafty girl Ani !!! I’m so so proud for her….you know I wish Chirpy also grows with the love of crafting because I would not want to force it on her…and given that I so much love crafting and coloring I so wish the daughter of mine has a liking towards it like her Adi didi 🙂

    and you better get on your toes faster and make something for the little one,okay? *strict ultimatum from Scribbs Massi* 😀

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