Passport to a healthy pregnancy – Womensweb contest

Alright I am also joining the club. Submitting my first entry to a contest in web. Honestly I am left with no point after I read similar posts by fellow blog mates. They all have written it so beautifully and covered most of the points for a healthy pregnancy. Anyways who doesn’t like to talk about the journey of getting their most precious gift of life.  So, here I am with my story and two cents.

My pregnancy was not a planned one.  But, once I knew about it the only thought that was lingering on my mind was I should give the best to my child in these nine months.

* Prepare yourself –  Take sometime and think about it. The next nine months is an once in a lifetime opportunity that you get to develop a healthy future for your child.  Fix it in your mind that the child at this stage depends on you and only you.  No one else can share this job. Its unique and just between you and your child. Give it your 100+1% as there is no second chance.

* Rest all will fall in place once you prepare yourself and have the priorities redefined in your mind.

* Subscribe to weekly updates and be aware of the body changes happening every week.  The book “What to expect when you are expecting” might help. At the same time don’t get perplexed as not all changes might be applicable for you.  Its good to be aware but don’t go overboard and receive a zillion updates.

* Remember that every pregnancy is different so absolutely no comparison.

*  Enough is said about the DO’s and DON’Ts in blogosphere so I am not going to elaborate them in detail.  Our mind knows what is healthy and what is not. So, just follow your mind.  Think for five seconds before dumping anything into your mouth. Trust me that will save your body from a lot of junk.

* My personal experience well I was crazy. Somehow I had this strong feel that the baby will in future reflect whatever we do during prego days. So, I read like crazy, gave a technical certification when I was almost full term,  listened to vedic chants specially designed for expecting mothers, religiously ate all that amma packed for me. Those days my food bag used to be bigger than my hand bag.  Amma had all those cute dabbas in which she will pack curd for calcium, date fruits for iron, sundal for protein, pomegranate juice, lunch with poriyal, kuttu, one big bottle of  boiled water et all.. Drank a lot of tender coconut especially to beat the heat. My daughter is May born and I had this body heat problem. There are days  nights when I have made my husband run around the city at midnight to find tender coconut.  I walked every evening at the terrace for 30 mins listening to music. Yeaahh I was that crazy.. 🙂

* About birth story I hit hospital few days before expected due date on a false pain and the doctor said it will take at least another ten days for me to get ready for the D-day.  Next day, when we went to collect reports I got admitted 😦 I know at the least expected time. After spending around five to six hours in labor room with very little progress and epidural the doctor declared that I have to be shifted to the theater for c-section.

The doctor said to me “your baby is very adamant. she doesn’t want to see the world”…

I remember the anesthesiologist standing above my head and constantly saying your baby is going to be out in few minutes.  Finally my bundle of joy made her grand entry to this world on 13th May 2005 at 10:52 pm and made her first appearance to appa (daddy) and ammachi (my mom) who were waiting outside impatiently.  Mom’s first description about my daughter was “she looked like a laddu (south indian sweet) with two cute eyes wide open di”..  From then on my world is revolving around her.

So ladies sit back, relax, enjoy all the special attention you get on these nine months and have a safe ride to the world of motherhood.


15 thoughts on “Passport to a healthy pregnancy – Womensweb contest

    • hey laddu is an Indian sweet 😉 I mean it’s called the same up and down and across 😉

      And you know what I saw chirpy the first thing…the nurse brought her close to my face and I kissed her on her cheek and then quickly took her away for the rest of the process 🙂 I so remember that moment….

      motherhood is so magical,ain’t it?

  1. Ani, I loved it…you are not crazy, you are a good mom 🙂 (a dialogue of my nurse Christine)
    I am thinking of withdrawing my post now, its all crap… Good luck for the contest…

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