Archive | October 31, 2011

All is not well

Adi has got tiny bumps randomly on her body and face. It has started couple of days back and we thought its because of climate change (can you believe snow in October) and should fade off soon but from last evening she appears very tired and body temperature is slowly raising above normal. But, she is active as always and was very adamant to go to school today as they have Halloween fair. She took the fever medicine at 2am sitting straight up with no denial just for that one reason (to go to school today) which is otherwise an half hour task for me to feed that 10ml.  She also wants to go out to the shops for trick-or-treat in the evening.  I am confused. Should I take her or not?

She has a good sleep routine. Usually goes to bed between 9 and 9:30 pm and wakes up by 7 or 7:15 am but yesterday evening I noticed dark circles under her eyes and I also see her coughing randomly..  Is this all just my imagination?  Thankfully the bumps are not turning red and not itchy.

Called the doctor’s office and booked an appointment for today evening. I am picking her up early today. I am scared to Google about the tiny bumps. Praying all the god and keeping my fingers crossed that it should be nothing. Hoping to take her for trick-or-treat after doctor’s visit.. Am I too sensitive? Am I worrying too much for nothing? My mind is not working..  I am restless.. Its a day of tears..

Hope tomorrows dawns as a good day for us…