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Button crafts

Our entries for this month artsy craftsy challenge

The moment I told the little girl that this month theme is craft with buttons our hunt for buttons started. We turned the house upside down (not the house really but our craft/sewing supplies) and found only 2 buttons at home :(.. Then our search continued to the store. I never imagined getting buttons would be so difficult here. We visited at least 5 shops and got the buttons at the 6th shop.  You should have see our faces on finding the button in the shop. It can be related to finding a lifetime treasure.  I was just hugging the buttons and couldn’t let it go for a while :)..

We spent a good two hours on Saturday to make these crafts at our own pace.  Without further ado presenting to you all the crafts for this month

Button frame – Can be used for 4 inch x 6 inch photographs.  It is now decorating our living room with a picture of Adi hugging Cinderella at Disney world..

Button holiday card – A card for the holiday season.

Button girl – made by Adi all by herself in my absence. She was not happy with being just a helper for above crafts though she did major part.  The fact is she was not happy as the idea was mine though she liked the crafts.  Hence, on my absence she decided to make one of her own and that is the button girl

Did you notice these things in the girl?

1. The two yellow buttons on the hair.. they are flowers

2. She is smiling with a red lipstick

3. Her tops is red pink and bottom is a blue color skirt

4. Eyes are white and she is a black beauty..

🙂 🙂 🙂


Updates updates updates

Update 1 – Last Friday the assembly at Adi’s school was conducted by first graders. The assembly theme will be in line with school’s theme for that academic year.  This year theme is “Made in America”. The kids from first grade sang/danced for few songs and performed sign language for a song. Girls were asked to wear red dress for the occasion. Though I had a simple backup red dress my hunt for a better dress didn’t stop until we found a beautiful one just two days before the show. Needless to say the kids performed amazingly excellent 🙂

The show was from 1:30pm to 2:30pm. I took permission from work and reached her school early and spent some time at her class with all kids. I read the book “How Ganesh got his elephant head?” to them and there was so many questions about the story. I politely skipped most of the questions.. What can I do? I was helpless with questions like Is this a real story? Why did God take off the little boy’s head? Isn’t he supposed to save us? Does Shiva have the serpents on his neck even while sleeping? Why does Brahma alone has four heads?

do you pity me now? 😦

Update 2 – Adi had started semi-private swimming lessons from last week. She and a boy of her age are having the classes with an instructor.  The first session went on for one hour and she learned blowing bubbles and breathing techniques that she is lagging. The instructor was awesome. He taught this technique using a game by name “Submarine”.. That is to see whose head stays inside water for longer time.. Adi is improving but just that one class was enough for me to realize that private lessons are way better than group lessons in terms of learning.. I will post the progress after few months.

Update 3 – Last week we had report card night for first quarter. She got the lowest grade in Math. I couldn’t believe my eyes.. A product of two Math majors (Is this why they say “vaathiyaar pillai makku?” (Eng: Teacher’s kid will be brainless).  To be honest both of us were a little upset but we didn’t show it to her. The feedback from her teacher on Math is that she has a race with one more kid to finish first and in that hurry she misses to read last line of the question or misunderstands the question…   Its not that she doesn’t know its the concentration and review that is lagging. May be over confidence too… that “I know I know I know” attitude :(.. I spoke with her gently about this and she agreed to improve in next quarter. All that I told her was “Its okay if you don’t know but please don’t mess up with what you know”… What can you say when a girl who can do 54+15 with ease messes up with “5+ 3 as 7” and justifies that she thought it is 5+2…

Overall feedback was the same as K-grade. It says “She is an excellent kid but her social nature is challenging her ability to finish her own task” that means “She is off to help her friends in need to finish their task before she is done with her own task”.. Enough ranted about the report card. Let’s see the progress in next quarter.

Update 4 – She gave her carnatic vocal debut performance in an event named “Diwaleen” (Diwali+Halloween) organized by an arts company at our county. It was a super duper hit and she did an excellent job. For the past one month we have been practicing every day at home like waking up for “Shyamalae meenakshi” and going to bed with “Vara shiva baalam”.. Practice definitely makes miracle. She sounded so confident while performing at the show.

Here is the audio version

Shyamalae Meenakshi


Vara shiva balam

And this was her costume for the event with rainbow pattu pavadai  🙂

Update 5 – She had thanksgiving multicultural feast at school today. Her school is closing on Wednesday afternoon for thanksgiving this week. So this is going to be a long long weekend for her. I made the easy peasy coconut burfi and diamond biscuits for the feast. It didn’t turn out so well. I spent more time in adjusting the dough for biscuits and yesterday turned out to be a tedious day. For records we ate lunch at 4pm. Whatever I contributed something for the feast and few kids tasted it. That’s it.

Phewwww it looks like am done with the updates for the whole year..

God books

We recently chanced upon some Indian books at local library. We are regular visitors to this library for past four years and I am still wondering how did we miss these books. It was pleasant surprise for me when Adi showed liking to these books. She calls them as “God books”. I can get any work done from her if I promise her to read a God book at bedtime. This is the girl who is yet to show interest on the Amar Chitra collections we own. I have tried many times to read the Amar Chitra books to her but for some reason she is not attracted. Some day for sure. I am waiting for that day 🙂

We started with the book “How Ganesh got his elephant head” written by Harish Johari and Vatsala Sperling, Illustrated by Pieter Weltevrede.

What I liked the most in this book is it covers most of the Indian gods. Considering this as Adi’s first religious official book it was a good start for me to talk to her about  Brahma, Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Narada, Karthikeya, Ganesha, Shivaganas. We took around one week to finish this  book reading few pages every day giving enough time for the story to sync in. The story begins with Parvati creating Ganesha for self protection and ends with Ganesha winning the game of coming around the world. How he wins we all know ;).  Smart Ganesha isn’t he? That also gave me a chance to show off the  importance of parents to Adi. That parents are everything for the kid and the kid should always listen to  them and so on and so forth… The poor girl strongly nodded her half-sleeping head and dozed off half way through my lecture. Who would  like to miss a chance to show off? 😉

Upon next visit to library Adi was in search of God books by herself. This time we checked out “Little Krishna” by Harish Johri and Illustrated by “Pieter Weltevrede”.

This book starts with Devaki getting married to Vasudeva, travels through arrogant nature of Kamsa, Krishna migrating to Vrindavan, his mischievous pranks, Yasodha’s unconditional love for him and ends with how he kills Kamsa. We took enough time to finish this book too. Illustrations were awesome. Adi closed her eyes with two hands when we read about Kamsa killing Devaki’s children one after the other and when she saw the picture of five headed snake guarding Krishna when Vasudeva carried him across the river. She equally enjoyed the pranks played by Krishna (butter thief) at Vrindavan..

Next book was “How Parvati won the heart of Shiva”  written by Harish Johari and Vatsala Sperling, Illustrated by Pieter Weltevrede.

This book deals with determination. It talks about how determined Parvati was in achieving her desire. That is the one line story of this book. Adi was aware of most of the Indian God by the time we read this book. It was amazing to see her recollecting the details from “Ganesha” book. It was a nice read.

And now we are reading Buddha stories. Its a collection of one page moral stories. Two stories for a day night :).  As we read a story about a bull teaching a lesson to its master who was ill treating the bull Adi interrupted and said amma always remember “Treat others the way you want to be treated“. I was awestruck.  Later she said her Kindergarten teacher told this to her class kids last year.  I am so pleased that she remembers it still. Hope she continues to remember and follow this rule all her life.

On a different note Adi is done with her antibiotics and is feeling a lot better now but still recovering. 90% of her body and face rashes have cleared off but hair fall has increased exponentially. We had cut her hair as short as possible last weekend.  Hope she will be okay soon..

She is having a class event at school this week and performing in another Indian party this weekend.  Her semi-private swimming classes are starting this Friday and her school is arranging for a Thanksgiving multicultural feast on Monday.  I am still working on my menu for the feast.  We are hands full for next one week. More details about all the events will be posted next week.  Please wish her good luck.

On a different different note this is Adi’s first art project from art class. She bought this home last week.

And she drew this for me yesterday though she claims “tracing is her thing and art is not for her. It seems art is not her forte” 🙂

I am sitting here and wondering when will I know my thing 😦 do I have one?

Special Sunday

That was yesterday. I didn’t want to miss recording this in this space.  M was out all day (he left before we woke up and came back when it is time to sleep) so it was just the day with two of us (who else I and Adi). We spent the day in a special way. Not that M was a trouble while at home but I planned to keep Sunday as a special day for Adi to cheer up the girl and finished most of my weekend chores on Saturday itself.. We don’t have a choice to skip the chores do we? 😦

On Sunday she woke up around 8 am and after finishing the morning duties she had pancake for breakfast. I had dosa with leftover chutney. I massaged her hair with oil as she was gobbling up (taking in the tiniest bit possible at a time) the pan cake.  Then, we spent the time at living room making castle with blocks and chit chatting until it was noon. I was pulling her legs now and then.. 🙂

Details: Its all her ideas. She was Miss.Daisy and I was her assistant Jennifer. My job was to get her the blocks she needed.

In front view the yellow and green blocks on right side represent a flag in front of castle. The purple blocks are the steps to a chair.
On the side view the gap between the blue blocks is for the window. Oh there is a backyard too but I missed to click the back view.

She also played with her alphabet blocks for a while.

Then, I bathed her, prepared her favorite lunch grated carrot rice and potato fry and let her watch TV while eating lunch. Bliss she said.. 🙂  We had a break post lunch till 4pm minding our own businesses.  Then, I asked her to come up with a plan for rest of the day. She wanted to bake cakes and cupcakes, watch a movie, eat dinner, read a book and go to bed. Perfect isn’t it? We did all that 🙂

Baked cake and cupcakes

Strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles topping.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then she we watched the barbie movie Barbie Mariposa (I liked it and we have planned to watch Fairytopia series),  ate her favorite dinner chapathi with brown beans (rajma),  read the last part of God book “How Parvati won the heart of Shiva” and went to bed 🙂

Call it a perfect day except for the medicines to intake and the lotion to apply twice a day. We went to the doctor on Saturday and he prescribed to apply Calamine lotion to reduce the itchiness. This lotion forms a white mask over the skin and she had to stay like that all day 😦

She is feeling a lot better now. Thanks for all your wishes.. 🙂

On a side note those Savings box she made them from a ready-to-make craft supplies on Saturday.. I must say she is getting obsessed with crafts.. How does she know this is first week of the month? She has been asking for past two days as “Mommy did the craft Shruti aunty say the theme for this month?”… Shruti are you listening? there’s a big fan for you here… 🙂


whats special?

What’s special today? Nothing but my heart goes for this little girl in a special way today.. She is in my thoughts every nanosecond but today this moment I feel something special that overwhelms my heart with thoughts about her. This moment I would like to thank the almighty from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with this little girl and making my life so special. Could it be because of these random happenings?

– The way she copes up with the recent illness.. I can feel that its bothering her too much. She doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want to sleep, doesn’t want to write, doesn’t want to do almost anything.. Its a cry for all which is quite new to us.. I can understand that her pain is coming out as tears. But, she is hating this phase.. She asked me yesterday “Mommy why is it I am crying always? what aren’t you guys crying?”.. I know you hate crying for everything pattumma but we are almost there just another 2 weeks and you will be back to your own self da..

– Today morning in the rush hour I forgot to give her the antibiotics (cruel me) and she was kind enough to remind me though she doesn’t like it a bit.. She asked me “Mommy aren’t you forgetting something?” repeatedly five times and finally to help my racking brain that failed to recollect she said “give me medicine amma”.. I felt so bad and thanked her enough..

– And yesterday she made this card for me 🙂

If you find it difficult to read.. This is what it says

“Dear Mommy, Your the best mommy because you read me God books* and we do math together Love, Adi” 🙂

This is the outer cover (An ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles)


We are taking her to the doctor tomorrow as the bumps have become itchy and she is also complaining of  pain all over the body.. Please keep her in your prayers people…

* – A separate post is coming up about God books.


It has been identified as Scarlet fever. Yesterday at doctor’s office strep test was conducted to confirm this. A swab was used to take the culture from throat and then it was placed on a test kit. Result was positive. The test line getting darkened confirmed it as Scarlet fever caused by bacterial infection in throat. Surprisingly Adi did not complain about throat discomfort and her throat was clear when examined. May be this was the early stage.  The girl did not like the strep test and we had to force her to lie down and hold her arms and legs when the culture was taken :(.  Googling says if left unattended this could have become a serious case. God’s will we acted earlier without sitting on it factoring in climate changes and common cold and flu.  Anyways to get rid of the bacteria infection completely she will be on antibiotics for next 10 days.  Doctor said it will take another two to three weeks for the bumps/rashes to disappear.  She is having slight fever in the night that leads to disturbed sleep and little whining in the morning. Otherwise she is all good.

Thanks a lot guys for such nice comments. Work is pressing but I am writing this quick post to let you all good hearts know that Adi is doing good.  Thanks again. I am touched.

And guess what after the doctor’s appointment we did got for t-o-t as Adi calls it.  Its trick-o-treat (If you wonder what it is).

She was a bat girl this year and had loads of fun collecting treats from neighborhood and shops. 😀