Archive | November 4, 2011

whats special?

What’s special today? Nothing but my heart goes for this little girl in a special way today.. She is in my thoughts every nanosecond but today this moment I feel something special that overwhelms my heart with thoughts about her. This moment I would like to thank the almighty from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with this little girl and making my life so special. Could it be because of these random happenings?

– The way she copes up with the recent illness.. I can feel that its bothering her too much. She doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want to sleep, doesn’t want to write, doesn’t want to do almost anything.. Its a cry for all which is quite new to us.. I can understand that her pain is coming out as tears. But, she is hating this phase.. She asked me yesterday “Mommy why is it I am crying always? what aren’t you guys crying?”.. I know you hate crying for everything pattumma but we are almost there just another 2 weeks and you will be back to your own self da..

– Today morning in the rush hour I forgot to give her the antibiotics (cruel me) and she was kind enough to remind me though she doesn’t like it a bit.. She asked me “Mommy aren’t you forgetting something?” repeatedly five times and finally to help my racking brain that failed to recollect she said “give me medicine amma”.. I felt so bad and thanked her enough..

– And yesterday she made this card for me 🙂

If you find it difficult to read.. This is what it says

“Dear Mommy, Your the best mommy because you read me God books* and we do math together Love, Adi” 🙂

This is the outer cover (An ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles)


We are taking her to the doctor tomorrow as the bumps have become itchy and she is also complaining of  pain all over the body.. Please keep her in your prayers people…

* – A separate post is coming up about God books.