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Special Sunday

That was yesterday. I didn’t want to miss recording this in this space.  M was out all day (he left before we woke up and came back when it is time to sleep) so it was just the day with two of us (who else I and Adi). We spent the day in a special way. Not that M was a trouble while at home but I planned to keep Sunday as a special day for Adi to cheer up the girl and finished most of my weekend chores on Saturday itself.. We don’t have a choice to skip the chores do we? 😦

On Sunday she woke up around 8 am and after finishing the morning duties she had pancake for breakfast. I had dosa with leftover chutney. I massaged her hair with oil as she was gobbling up (taking in the tiniest bit possible at a time) the pan cake.  Then, we spent the time at living room making castle with blocks and chit chatting until it was noon. I was pulling her legs now and then.. 🙂

Details: Its all her ideas. She was Miss.Daisy and I was her assistant Jennifer. My job was to get her the blocks she needed.

In front view the yellow and green blocks on right side represent a flag in front of castle. The purple blocks are the steps to a chair.
On the side view the gap between the blue blocks is for the window. Oh there is a backyard too but I missed to click the back view.

She also played with her alphabet blocks for a while.

Then, I bathed her, prepared her favorite lunch grated carrot rice and potato fry and let her watch TV while eating lunch. Bliss she said.. 🙂  We had a break post lunch till 4pm minding our own businesses.  Then, I asked her to come up with a plan for rest of the day. She wanted to bake cakes and cupcakes, watch a movie, eat dinner, read a book and go to bed. Perfect isn’t it? We did all that 🙂

Baked cake and cupcakes

Strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles topping.

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Then she we watched the barbie movie Barbie Mariposa (I liked it and we have planned to watch Fairytopia series),  ate her favorite dinner chapathi with brown beans (rajma),  read the last part of God book “How Parvati won the heart of Shiva” and went to bed 🙂

Call it a perfect day except for the medicines to intake and the lotion to apply twice a day. We went to the doctor on Saturday and he prescribed to apply Calamine lotion to reduce the itchiness. This lotion forms a white mask over the skin and she had to stay like that all day 😦

She is feeling a lot better now. Thanks for all your wishes.. 🙂

On a side note those Savings box she made them from a ready-to-make craft supplies on Saturday.. I must say she is getting obsessed with crafts.. How does she know this is first week of the month? She has been asking for past two days as “Mommy did the craft Shruti aunty say the theme for this month?”… Shruti are you listening? there’s a big fan for you here… 🙂