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God books

We recently chanced upon some Indian books at local library. We are regular visitors to this library for past four years and I am still wondering how did we miss these books. It was pleasant surprise for me when Adi showed liking to these books. She calls them as “God books”. I can get any work done from her if I promise her to read a God book at bedtime. This is the girl who is yet to show interest on the Amar Chitra collections we own. I have tried many times to read the Amar Chitra books to her but for some reason she is not attracted. Some day for sure. I am waiting for that day ūüôā

We started with the book “How Ganesh got his elephant head” written by Harish Johari and Vatsala Sperling, Illustrated by Pieter Weltevrede.

What I liked the most in this book is it covers most of the Indian gods. Considering this as Adi’s first religious official book it was a good start for me to talk to her about ¬†Brahma, Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Narada, Karthikeya, Ganesha, Shivaganas. We took around one week to finish this ¬†book reading few pages every day giving enough time for the story to sync in. The story begins with Parvati creating Ganesha for self protection and ends with Ganesha winning the game of coming around the world. How he wins we all know ;). ¬†Smart Ganesha isn’t he? That also gave me a chance to show off the ¬†importance of parents to Adi. That parents are everything for the kid and the kid should always listen to ¬†them and so on and so forth… The poor girl strongly nodded her half-sleeping head and dozed off half way through my lecture. Who would ¬†like to miss a chance to show off? ūüėČ

Upon next visit to library Adi was in search of God books by herself. This time we checked out “Little Krishna” by Harish Johri and Illustrated by “Pieter Weltevrede”.

This book starts with Devaki getting married to Vasudeva, travels through arrogant nature of Kamsa, Krishna migrating to Vrindavan, his mischievous pranks, Yasodha’s unconditional love for him and ends with how he kills Kamsa. We took enough time to finish this book too. Illustrations were awesome. Adi closed her eyes with two hands when we read about Kamsa killing Devaki’s children one after the other and when she saw the picture of five headed snake guarding Krishna when Vasudeva carried him across the river. She equally enjoyed the pranks played by Krishna (butter thief) at Vrindavan..

Next book was “How Parvati won the heart of Shiva” ¬†written by Harish Johari and Vatsala Sperling, Illustrated by Pieter Weltevrede.

This book deals with determination. It talks about how determined Parvati was in achieving her desire. That is the one line story of this book. Adi was aware of most of the Indian God by the time we read this book. It was amazing to see her recollecting the details from “Ganesha” book.¬†It was a nice read.

And now we are reading Buddha stories. Its a collection of one page moral stories. Two stories for a day¬†night :). ¬†As we read a story about a bull teaching a lesson to its master who was¬†ill treating the bull Adi interrupted and said amma always remember “Treat others the way you want to be treated“. I was awestruck. ¬†Later she said her Kindergarten teacher told this to her class kids last year. ¬†I am so pleased that she remembers it still. Hope she continues to remember and follow this rule all her life.

On a different note Adi is done with her antibiotics and is feeling a lot better now but still recovering. 90% of her body and face rashes have cleared off but hair fall has increased exponentially. We had cut her hair as short as possible last weekend.  Hope she will be okay soon..

She is having a class event at school this week and performing in another Indian party this weekend.  Her semi-private swimming classes are starting this Friday and her school is arranging for a Thanksgiving multicultural feast on Monday.  I am still working on my menu for the feast.  We are hands full for next one week. More details about all the events will be posted next week.  Please wish her good luck.

On a different different note this is Adi’s first art project from art class. She bought this home last week.

And she drew this for me yesterday though she claims “tracing is her thing and art is not for her. It seems art is not her forte” ūüôā

I am sitting here and wondering when will I know my thing ūüė¶ do I have one?