Archive | November 28, 2011

Button crafts

Our entries for this month artsy craftsy challenge

The moment I told the little girl that this month theme is craft with buttons our hunt for buttons started. We turned the house upside down (not the house really but our craft/sewing supplies) and found only 2 buttons at home :(.. Then our search continued to the store. I never imagined getting buttons would be so difficult here. We visited at least 5 shops and got the buttons at the 6th shop.  You should have see our faces on finding the button in the shop. It can be related to finding a lifetime treasure.  I was just hugging the buttons and couldn’t let it go for a while :)..

We spent a good two hours on Saturday to make these crafts at our own pace.  Without further ado presenting to you all the crafts for this month

Button frame – Can be used for 4 inch x 6 inch photographs.  It is now decorating our living room with a picture of Adi hugging Cinderella at Disney world..

Button holiday card – A card for the holiday season.

Button girl – made by Adi all by herself in my absence. She was not happy with being just a helper for above crafts though she did major part.  The fact is she was not happy as the idea was mine though she liked the crafts.  Hence, on my absence she decided to make one of her own and that is the button girl

Did you notice these things in the girl?

1. The two yellow buttons on the hair.. they are flowers

2. She is smiling with a red lipstick

3. Her tops is red pink and bottom is a blue color skirt

4. Eyes are white and she is a black beauty..

🙂 🙂 🙂