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Treat and Christmas Gift

Drafted on Dec 6th.. Publishing without modifying anything…

Alright for the treats I gave an option in previous post comment section as

how about a virtual one? I will make something at home and share it with you all virtually in this blog? I will give another treat when we meet… fair enough?

Scribby already said no to this.. She wants real treat.. when we meet okay Scribby?

How about others? raise your hands  comment on this space if you want a virtual treat 🙂

Our first Christmas tree is up at home. It looks fabulous with all those ornaments. As a first gift my sweetie pie made a shiny butterfly for me and kept it under the tree.. And then was this conversation

Adi: Amma what gift do you want?
I: (the generous lady in me said) I don’t want anything pattumma..
Adi: No, you have to say something (anbu thollai you know – lovely trouble 🙂 )
I: Okay I want you to stay happy and healthy.. that will be the greatest gift for me.
Adi: No, I can’t make or buy that.. Tell me something that we can buy and pack in a gift box. I will ask appa to buy it for you
I: Hmmm may be a diamond ring?
Adi: Then?
I: Then what I already said a DIAMOND RING..
Adi: Only that? Are you sure you don’t want anything else? Is that alone enough for you?

That cracked me up.. May be she thought diamond ring is that item you get in a dollar store 🙂 God bless her and her future partner…

Her belief about Santa is that parents buy the gift and give it to Santa and then Santa brings it to the kids.  She has been asking me “where/when/how do you meet Santa?”.. So, for her gift she cooly said you guys already know what I have been asking for such a long time so better buy that and give it to Santa.. 😦

Christmas tree:

Glittery Butterfly:

left one is the inspiration


On a completely different note she left this note for her daddy at door step few weeks back after we both cleaned the house

If you couldn’t read it – “Please do not mess the house because baby and mommy just clean it now” 🙂