Archive | February 3, 2012

Happiness is

You have the sequel for the latest post drafted at the bottom of Part 1, you cut it (ctrl+x) to do a paste (ctrl+v) into notepad to publish it as separate post but then you forget to paste/save the content from clipboard and switch off the laptop at home at midnight realizing the blunder after the laptop is totally shutdown.  You switch on the laptop again hoping against the hope to check if the clipboard content will remain as such and try a (ctrl+v) all in vain. You go to bed with one part of brain distressed and another consoling self that its okay as the details were fresh in memory and after all they were your own words . The flow will be easy when you type them again.

You come to work the next day morning and do a ctrl+alt+del just to see the whole sequel in front of your eyes as you had left them as it is in word press edit post page. 😀 😀

To give you a background I started drafting the post in between work but then the whole post took a new turn and I decided to make the part I wrote at work as sequel and composed the Part 1 at home late night. As the post was close to my heart I stayed back late to publish it and before publishing I had cut the sequel part wrote at work off from the post to save it as Part 2 but as you know already I didn’t save it.

It feels like finding a lost friend. May be I will find the whereabouts of my best school friend soon.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Friday has dawned good for me. Thank you Friday.. 🙂