Weekend special

Note: All veggie eaters out there please feel free to skip this post.

The food post published by ME recently was so inviting that I wanted to try that right away.  Right away in my case = the following weekend. So, I promptly added “Kasoori Methi” to the week’s Indian groceries list and couldn’t wait till Sunday to try out the dish.

Here is the outcome.  For recipe details please check ME’s post. I followed the steps to a T.  The dish turned out lip smacking.

For the side dish I prepared chicken drumsticks.  The preparation was simple. I just used the store bought chicken 65 masala powder and followed the instructions on the box.

1. Thoroughly clean the drumsticks and slit them at random places so the masala can seep inside.

2. Marinate the drumsticks with masala powder and curd.

3. Let it sit for one hour.

4. Bake in conventional oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  Have a check every 10 minutes and flip them around if needed. I did not brush any oil on the chicken and used aluminium foil to place the chicken pieces.

21 thoughts on “Weekend special

  1. Wow! sooooo good you enjoyed the Methi Chicken…..and those tandoori drumsticks look gorgeously yummy…my my….now am tempted enough to make butter chicken soon 😀 😀

  2. oh Kasoori methi does wonders to a dish 🙂

    and though I’m a veggie the reason I liked this post is the way you’ve presented the food 🙂

    no wonder Adi is so creative 🙂

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