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Hearty crafts

Our entries for this month artsy craftsy challenge.  Adi wanted to make valentine’s day card for her classmates. So, there we spent a good amount of three hours on Sunday making these cards. We made around 20+ cards and goodie bag with caryons, markers and candies for each kid.  The cards and goodie bags are going to school tomorrow. I have warned her to not to spill the beans today. Who knows she might tell her friends like “Guys I have a surprise for tomorrow but its not a card or goodie bag”.  Yep she is of that type 🙂

Inspired from here

pink/purple for girls, blue/yellow for boys and green/pink for teachers 🙂

goodie bags


Edited to add : Paper mache heart made at art class in school for this Valentine’s day – Came home last evening

Also, linking in the heart crafts we made in the past

Love bookmark – made during Star student week

2011 Valentine’s card – made at school

2010 Valentine’s card – hearty hands