Archive | March 5, 2012

Have you been there?

Murphy’s law had decided to dance over my head today morning..

1. Woke up at 6:15am to do something useful. Brushed, refreshed and went to bed again to getup late than usual time.

2. Spent the usual one hour in kitchen but FORGOT to pack Adi’s lunch. Don’t ask me what I was doing in the kitchen all that time. I have NO CLUE. No need to mention I am filled with the mommy guilt now. It may not fade away any time soon as the girl will be kind enough to remind me every time she expects me to dance to her tunes. Thankfully M bought her some wrap from the nearby shop.

3. Forgot to lock the front door and for the worse I left the keys outside the door. We M realized this after driving away for 5 minutes and we took a U-turn almost near my office (thanks to all those no turns and one way signs), returned home to save the keys and lock the door.

4. Upon return to work I got hit on my forehead while trying to get into the car. The car door that has seen me getting on/off for the past two years choose today as that auspicious day to hit me bang.

5. Left the house keys at car before getting off that means I and Adi have to stand out in the evening in this cold weather until M returns from work to let us in with his keys. Thankfully again M reminded me and handed over the keys before I walked away from the car.

6. Misplaced the parking ticket slip that has to be paid by today. I got worried for few minutes and hesitantly called M to get all the blasting. Luckily, he found the ticket in car and gave me the details.

I went blank today morning totally. Why and what was running on my mind at that time is a million dollar question. I tried hard but couldn’t think of any unusual happening in the past few days that could have disturbed me. I mean there were up and down moments but not to the extent of affecting the work I have been doing as a well-oiled machine for past few years. This has never happened to me before and hope it never happens again. Its scary to think about it now. Hope these are not the signs of ageing. After all I have not even reached my mid-thirties yet. God bless the poor souls who have to deal with me at my older age if I survive till then 🙂

For all those lovely souls I am back to my usual self now (at least I hope so ;))

Have you been there anytime?