Weekend/random updates

A busy weekend that was after a long time.. On Friday evening we went to circus at IZOD center and witnessed awesome elephants walking in tow, beautiful big cats (tigers) executing master’s commands religiously, gorgeous horses dancing to master’s tune, Alpacas , Llamas, Goats, Zebras, Donkeys (Yes you read it right), cats, dogs and what not. Adi did not enjoy the circus much as she was expecting the clown to perform some magic show.  Needless to mention there were death-defying acts like a man riding motorcycle in a high-wire and rotating 360 degree, Flying trapeze with triple somersault, eight motorcycles riding criss-cross inside a steel of globe, Martial arts experts bending steel as if like bending rubber.. Phew I was scared more than Adi. Outside the event center there were a group of people protesting circus, explaining about the cruelty done to animals and how the animals are living far away from their natural inhabit et all. I had mixed feelings.  Circus is a living for a set of people. If they can make an animal dance to their tunes won’t they take good care of the animal? Will they harm the animals with whom they share their lives? I don’t know. Adi got a coloring/activity book from these protesting people. The next day after completing the activities in the book she wrote “Animals don’t belong to Circus” and declared that we should never ever go for a Circus again.  What do you people think?

this was the view from our seat..

Upon return from circus we decided to eat at a small food joint near our home that’s run by a family. In spite of the lady confirming twice about spiciness I said “yeah yeah make all the dishes spicy” with M nodding heavily.  I was a dumb not understanding the lady’s hint and  ended up ordering another dish for Adi after she refused to take the second bite. It was super duper spicy but we enjoyed it  and packed the leftovers 😉

On Saturday we went to Liberty science center to see the performance by the bubble master Casey Carle. It was a jaw dropping show what with making space shuttle with bubbles, making a bubble inside a bubble, a cube bubble, talking about the science behind bubbles and making a bubble around a child.. It was absolute fun and delight to watch Casey in action.   Here is a sample

We then strolled around the science center for rest of the day and reached home to continue with weekend chores of cleaning, washing, cooking etc.. How nice would it be to have some magical powers to get all the household chores done? Sighhh

On Sunday we attended a birthday party and had Indian buffet for lunch. The dessert Mango mousse took the cake of all dishes though there was a birthday cake too 😀 😀  We relished the mousse garnished with Strawberry slice and mint leaf to our heart’s content. Then, stopped by M’s colleague’s home to say Hi to their newborn, treated ourselves with a round of Indian snacks at their house and reached home in the evening.  We were then instantly affected by the “its-already-sunday-evening” fever and half heatedly started the preparations for the week ahead.

On other accounts

The week before last week was declared as “Spirit week” at Adi’s school. The concept is the same every year.

Monday – Jersey day. Kids has to wear their favorite team’s jersey to show their support. Adi wanted NY giants jersey as the giants won super bowl this year but we didn’t have the time to visit store so she just went to school in uniform.

Tuesday – Mismatch day. Adi wore khakhi pants, princess tops, long earring on one side, stud on the other, had her nails painted on one hand, wore boots on one leg and sneakers on the other 🙂

Wednesday – Activity day. It was just like any other Wednesday.

Thursday – Career day. Dress as a profressional. Adi was kind enough to wear the same doctor set we bought last year :). Literally I didn’t give her an option as we were running out of time. I should check with her in advance next year.

Friday – Prep rally day.  Kids has to wear school colors that’s white/blue and each class performed a cheer leading song in the assembly.  The school principal sponsored a pizza party for the kids last week owing to their beautiful performances.
Adi feel sick last week. It was a stomach flu and she was throwing up all that was finding its way to her tummy.  We kept her at home for a day and treated her tummy with Congee. When her tummy got better it was the turn for the nose and throat. They were  attacked by cold.  She is good now.

Work is getting hectic…

Weather is getting better day by day.. We have moved to our spring jackets and resuming afternoon/evening walks.  Life is good..


10 thoughts on “Weekend/random updates

  1. WOW that circus loooks awesome , I want to go and see toooo 🙂
    although i do say animals dont belong there if they are not treated well ..

    oh ho and adi sick not goood , … good to know she is doing fine now ..

    I liked that Bubble show tooo I want to see that toooo 🙂 how exciting I have never seen anything like that so far .. how did he make a bubble inside a bubble ..

  2. What a mixed bag of a post 🙂 So many things to comment on, Ani 🙂

    Ok, first things first, I did not know that there still were circuses with animals in it – I thought it was no longer done. And I do think it is cruelty. Even if the animals are given 5 star treatment – is it fair to make jungle animals dance to a tune or stuff like that? It is not their natural habitat, not what they would be naturally inclined to do.. So even if they are treated very well -it is a different and sad life, don’t you think? Performing again and again, when they should be roaming in the wild.. Just my opinion..

    All that food sounds so great! I want some too!

    Spirit week sounds like so much fun 🙂 I am sure the kids must be loving it! Adi is better now? It must have been so painful for her to catch one thing after the other – thank god she’s fine now 🙂

    And yes, Spring is here too! Yay! Out comes jackets, skirts and the tedious job of waxing legs 😉

    • I can’t agree more with your comment Smitha.. I am very poor in expressing my PoV.. animals in circus is not fun for them.. I even pitied the humans in circus.. they pledge their life at every show 😦
      waxing legs – I am scared of it.. I would prefer a full length pant instead… now now don’t look at me like that.. 🙂 but Yayyyy to the spring..

  3. 1. I don’t think we should keep jungle animals as pets/performers… When a tiger is performing, he must have been trained harshly…I don’t think jungle animals can live happily in confined spaces..just my opinion, no data to show…
    2. Science center trip is nice…Adi must have enjoyed it very well…And all the food, yum 🙂
    3. Spirit Weeks sounds fun 🙂

  4. Wow Adi ‘s comment on circus show is such a mature and grown up thinking.I too agree to her.
    Buuble show sounds excitins.Where is the pic of Adi in mismatch costume?Plz post na.I remember last year you had posted it though I never commented on it 😦

    Good to know that the little angel is doing good now 🙂

    • one moment she behaves like a grown up and another moment like a 6 month old 🙂 woww I am glad you remember that pic.. this year the pic didn’t come out very well so I thought of keeping it for myself 🙂

  5. Wow! Such a lovely weekend… you guys had so much fun 😀
    I loved circus as a child. But now I do think that circus is not the right place for animals 😦 Haven’t heard of a circus with animals in India in recent times.
    Never heard of a bubble show before.. sounds exciting…
    So nice to have all these days at Adi’s school. Sounds like so much fun 🙂
    I wish Cheebu’s school had such fun days

    • yeah a lovely weekend after a long time 🙂 that was my dilemma LS.. If we enjoyed circus as a child don’t we tend to let our kid also enjoy it? that’s why I took her for the circus but after seeing the protest and realizing the other part it hurts..
      Adi tagged her school as “fun school” 🙂 🙂

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