Archive | March 23, 2012

The fifth one

fell off yesterday while she was at school.  This is the first time its happening at school. She visited nurse right after the incident, cleansed her mouth and saved the treasure in a tiny green-colored box.

As you would have guessed by this time yesterday evening she came home with a “I lost my tooth” sticker.  Its very thoughtful of her school/class teacher to have a “Tooth chart”, mark it every time a kid looses a tooth, let the class know about it and give the kid a sticker. Initially I was worried about this whole business as how she would handle this. . Especially when we had to extract her tooth and the permanent one didn’t grow for a long long time.  I thought she would not smile with teeth shown in public. I thought she might not appreciate the empty tiny holes temporarily replacing tooth here and there.  But, thanks to her school as they handled it pretty well. They made this whole process so easy and fun. Now she is excited about losing tooth so is her classmates though they may not like it personally. Imagine the eating/biting stuff without front tooth. Every time it irks me when I see Adi biting the apple sideways.  This is one big example of how to handle difficult situations with kids and put them at ease.  I am impressed  🙂

I can’t believe that my “all-grown-up-or-at-least-pretending-to-be” girl still believes in tooth fairy.  She said the fairy is spying her and slept tight with the precious treasure (read as a tiny tooth) under her pillow. She had many many questions in the evening as

How one fairy spies all the kids in the world? (I told her there are many fairies and each one has a county allocated to them :))
Will the fairy take her treasure box too?
If the doors are locked how does she enter the room?
How does she know that everyone slept at the house?
What will she do with all the teeth?
Won’t she come if we pull the tooth out before it falls off naturally?
If more than one tooth falls of at the same time then will she give more money like one money for every tooth?
From where does she come?

blah blah blah blah

Tooth fairy didn’t let her down (luckily I remembered at 1am ;)).  She traded the tooth for $20.  This is the costliest tooth so far 🙂