The fifth one

fell off yesterday while she was at school.  This is the first time its happening at school. She visited nurse right after the incident, cleansed her mouth and saved the treasure in a tiny green-colored box.

As you would have guessed by this time yesterday evening she came home with a “I lost my tooth” sticker.  Its very thoughtful of her school/class teacher to have a “Tooth chart”, mark it every time a kid looses a tooth, let the class know about it and give the kid a sticker. Initially I was worried about this whole business as how she would handle this. . Especially when we had to extract her tooth and the permanent one didn’t grow for a long long time.  I thought she would not smile with teeth shown in public. I thought she might not appreciate the empty tiny holes temporarily replacing tooth here and there.  But, thanks to her school as they handled it pretty well. They made this whole process so easy and fun. Now she is excited about losing tooth so is her classmates though they may not like it personally. Imagine the eating/biting stuff without front tooth. Every time it irks me when I see Adi biting the apple sideways.  This is one big example of how to handle difficult situations with kids and put them at ease.  I am impressed  🙂

I can’t believe that my “all-grown-up-or-at-least-pretending-to-be” girl still believes in tooth fairy.  She said the fairy is spying her and slept tight with the precious treasure (read as a tiny tooth) under her pillow. She had many many questions in the evening as

How one fairy spies all the kids in the world? (I told her there are many fairies and each one has a county allocated to them :))
Will the fairy take her treasure box too?
If the doors are locked how does she enter the room?
How does she know that everyone slept at the house?
What will she do with all the teeth?
Won’t she come if we pull the tooth out before it falls off naturally?
If more than one tooth falls of at the same time then will she give more money like one money for every tooth?
From where does she come?

blah blah blah blah

Tooth fairy didn’t let her down (luckily I remembered at 1am ;)).  She traded the tooth for $20.  This is the costliest tooth so far 🙂


17 thoughts on “The fifth one

  1. Wow! I love the tooth fairy and the concept of her existence because it makes answering all tooth related questions so easy, blame it on the tooth fairy for every concern your kid has about her teeth 😉 😉
    I love this generous tooth fairy…please give me her contact number for the time my daughter will be in Adi’s shoes 😉 😉
    Hugs to the little darling 😀

    • yeah so easy right? just blame it on the tooth fairy.. such a relief for all mothers 🙂
      this time the generous one was her dad.. May be he was lazy enough and just placed whatever he got at first try 🙂

  2. I love the concept of tooth fairy too… After reading your post I told Cheebu about the tooth fairy (though she is only 4 and half years old… too young to lose her teeth yet) and since then she has been asking me every now and then “Mumma when will my teeth break? I’ll save it for you to keep it under my pillow .. ” … and so on … 😀
    I am impressed by the way her school handled the situation. Hugs to the little one 🙂

  3. Adi’s school is awesome na? Loved the idea of maintaining the tooth chart and giving the ‘I lost my tooth’ sticker. Tooth fairy allocated to your country seems to be rich eh?

  4. Adi lost 5 teeth already??She is all grown up now..
    Hugs to the the little girl and yeah tooth fairy in US is rich 🙂

    • arey this is the first time she is getting $20 bill yaar otherwise it has always been $1 or something 🙂
      yeah she lost 5 and the 6th one is already in line 🙂

  5. Aww! I can imagine it 🙂 Daughter here is waiting, with bated breath for her teeth to fall. Every day, she checks and is disappointed to see no wobbly teeth 🙂 Some of her friends have already lost some teeth, and she can’t bear it 🙂

    Although, I don’t think we have such generous tooth fairy here 😉

    • It will be grand event when her first tooth falls off.. believe me.. 🙂 we rather M have been generous only to this tooth.. not sure why.. may be he was too tired on that day rather night (it was 1am when I reminded him) to search for a $1 bill.. 🙂

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