Our entries for this month artsy craftsy chllenge. We have been doing them every weekend whenever we could get some quality time from the first week of March. I was saving them to make it as one post 🙂

Windmill , Chair, Penguin,  Rose – made all by herself 🙂 and a 8-pointed star.

The star was the difficult one of all. It took us more than one hour to make this star .

Inspired from:




24 thoughts on “Origami

  1. Wow Ani! Loved them all. Adi did a great job.
    The star is so beautiful… worth all the effort you guys put in 🙂
    Will try to make them all with Cheebu when she is able to make them 🙂

    • thanks ME 🙂 it was just a copy from internet though we enjoyed doing it together.. At every step I pretended as if I didn’t understand the instruction and Adi had to explain to me.. She made loads and loads of fun of me 🙂

    • thanks Scribby massi.. you are the beshttt too 🙂 advanced birthday wishes to Chirpy cutey from me and mommy.. send me some cakes and chocolates okie?

    • absolute zero creativity Smitha 🙂 I have credited the source in my post.. Its just a copy from internet though fun through the process is guaranteed.. pls try it with your daughter..

  2. The chair looks so real…and the multicoloured star is simply awesome 🙂
    Salutes to the creative mum and her daughter!

    • arey as I already mentioned in reply to other’s comments there is no creativity in this re.. it was just a copy from internet.. I am not that creative and all 🙂 thanks garima..

  3. I just tried making an origami goft box and it turned out really well…umm let me find out the link…wait here it is

    I’m sure Adi will love to make this too 🙂

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