Archive | April 3, 2012

Chapathi Egg Pizza

As we call it 🙂  This is one of Adi’s all time favorite and easy for lunch box.

1. Beat one egg and make an omelette.
2. Make chapathi/roti following usual procedures.
3. Once chapathi is fully cooked, simmer the flame and sprinkle some grated cheese on top.
4. Once the cheese is slightly melted place the egg omelette on top of the chapathi and press is gently. The cheese helps to bind.
5. Flip it around, cook for few seconds and then flip it back. Squeeze/spread some ketchup on top of the egg omelette.
6. Fold it into half-moon shape. You can seal the edges with extra cheese if needed.
7. Cut it like shown in picture 7 above.

Voila Chapathi egg pizza is ready to serve.

The days I pack this for Adi’s lunch I can confidently expect to see an empty lunch box in the evening. 🙂

P.S: I have tried the same with dosa too.  For dosa,  just pour and spread the beaten egg on top of dosa once its half cooked on one side.  You can even roll the egg dosa, cut them into bite-sized roll and present them with layers shown on the top like place them in the plate in a circular fashion with the cut portion facing up.  Pizza sells quickly at our home 🙂