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Spring break and books

Long post alert..

I start the post wondering what to type, proceeding to type few lines and then the post grows like a Hanuman tail forcing me to warn my readers. Does this happen to you too?

Spring break is here. The school was closed on last Thursday afternoon and is reopening on 16th April.

On Thursday afternoon Adi came home with her friend N as her parents requested us to pick up the kid. Both of them spent the afternoon at home, exploring Adi’s long touched toys, playing board games, watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and I was working from home watching over them. Around 4pm I asked the girls if they want to visit the nearby library. They agreed provided I promise to treat them with pizza. So, after mutual agreement we spent a good one hour at library. Adi was happy to find the latest Magic tree house book # 47 “Abe Lincoln At Last” and settled with it, N settled with few reading books and myself with “Palace of Illusions” on my Kindle. I was determined to finish it on that day and did finish it at 1am 🙂 . I know I know I must be the last one in the blog world to read this book but I deserve a pat on my back as at last I pulled myself to stay up late to finish the book rather I couldn’t really put it down.  It was mesmerizing to read about all those familiar characters again especially Karna though some details were contradicting to what I knew about the epic.  The very next night I watched the age old tamil film “Karna”  and listened to this song at least hundred times so far to quench my thirst. I have not got over it yet. The song sung by Krishna when Karna is at his death bed at Kurukshetra war. Krishna sings this song praising Karna’s qualities and the fate of his life.

Here is a translation I found from google search for the mind blowing lyrics by kavignar Kannadasan. Planning to watch the digitized version of this film that is soon to be re-released.

With this not being enough I have now started with the next book “Parthiban Kanavu” by the great legend “Kalki“. This is a re-read after almost a decade for me.  I am loving it :). Hoping to finish it in a day or two.  Special thanks to SnS who shared the books, Smitha and Scribby whose constant book reviews kept me reminding of the pile I had, all of you who have been posting book reviews as part of Blogadda book review program, to my daughter who is developing her reading habits and my friend who gifted me the Kindle :). I kept reminding myself if all those really busy people can find time to read I can definitely find the time to read and here I am.  Hope I continue with this 🙂

Enough of hijacking, coming back to Aditi’s spring break (sounds like a break to me from the post so far huh?) I took the girls to the library, we hanged out there until I reached my reading target for that evening and then took them to Dominos. Treated them and self with cheese pizza, chicken pizza and came back home. When N’s dad came home to pickup and asked how was the play date the girls said in unison that “I spoiled it by taking them to library” 😦 though they enjoyed the pizza on the way back home.

Friday was mommy/daughter day as M had to go to work. We set out in the morning, watched Lorax 3D in big screen,  went to a friend’s home as his wife called to check what we were doing on a holiday and invited us, played Carrom and surprisingly I pocketed the queen and follow :), had yummy food, a nice chat session post lunch, Adi watched back to back 4 Dinosaur Train episodes and left their home around 4ish in the evening. The girl was asking me about this big escalator at Exchange place train station. So, we walked to that station via a beautiful boardwalk and climbed the escalator at least 4 times 🙂 and then boarded the train to home. We reached home around 5pm and Adi right away started to play in backyard with the kid from next door when I was about to crash on the bed with my laptop. Man I wonder how does kids have so much energy?  Only the film was a planned, rest all was unplanned and the day turned out to be a pleasant day.

Saturday, the plan was to take her to an Easter egg hunt at a distant NY place but we dropped the plan at last moment, woke up late, then decided to go but again dropped the plan as it was already late and the place is around one hour away by drive. The girl was very much upset so I searched for some egg hunt at local, luckily found one and in the next 15 recording minutes we were there from the just-up-from-bed state to the park 🙂 I can assure that we brushed, don’t ask me about bathing and other sorts 😉 ok?. The girl hunted hand picked the plastic eggs lying around and had fun for next two hours. When I asked if she enjoyed the Easter egg hunt she corrected me that it was not a hunt but it was an “Easter egg pickup” event. lol.. She is using the language better than us :). Then, we had buffet lunch at an Indian restaurant near home and literally rolled home with an about to explode tummy.

Rest of the weekend was spent at home reading books, playing board games and having our own “ME” times without stepping on other’s shoe. We are good or rather bad in that ways. Adi at living room glued to her TV or craft or book, your truly at Kitchen or bedroom glued to her laptop or book and your’s truly’s other half at the other bedroom glued to his office laptop.

Oh did I mention it has become a weekend ritual at home. Adi making breakfast. She is so adamant about this and after enjoying the breakfast for past three weeks I can now proudly record it in this blog. No No No child labour and all. She wanted to do it guys and gets mad if we don’t let her to. So, as a so-called-democratic parent I sat back and said “Go ahead indulge me darling”.  She wins her share too as she can get all the things done from us for rest of the day. She goes like this “Guys since I made breakfast for you today I want you to ….”. We will hear this line at least a hundred times on the day she chooses to make the breakfast. This is what I am getting for my breakfast. Toasted wheat bread with Kissan jam spread. The fact that more jam finds its way to her tummy during preparation can be ignored. Can one of you please show her the other breakfast ideas too? You see I am already bored with just this one option 🙂

On Monday I was working from home and today its M’s turn. We will alternate this for rest of this week and I might take a day off but no plans  to step out 😦

Next post will feature her recent drawings and clay models. I am impressed with her work so far.