Archive | April 18, 2012

Did she do a fair job?

Presenting Adi’s art works from last few weeks.  She did all of them under no supervision.

Copy of her favorite doll Minnie

Is it me? I don’t have such a short hair!!!

That’s her friend. Sun and grass had always been her trademark and now a butterfly too.. Please to ignore the pony style change 🙂





Clay models – Minnie again

Unicorn – Inspired from a character in TV show

Princess – Inspired from a character in TV show


And finally the step by step procedure to draw a bear holding a heart. She learned this from the art class.

final output with colors 🙂

Which one do you like?

She owns a drawing pad and is “practicing to be perfect” (those were words from her) as she wants to become an artist when she grows up. This is as of April 2012.  I am recording the month and year as in March 2012 she wanted to be a dancer, in Feb 2012 she wanted to be a doctor and so on.  Now you know why I have planned her birthday theme to be based on arts and crafts..