I should have known ahead

When there was a good day to cherish the brain should have warned me about the bad day that’s around the corner no?  Isn’t this is all about balancing life?

Okay before you panic it was not that bad at all but I felt it that way. On Saturday M was about to attend an all-day training so I asked if he can car pool with his colleagues you know so the mommy/daughter duo can have the car and plan an another exciting day.

His colleagues agreed to car pool, I woke up earlier, took head bath, M left at 8am, I woke up Adi, made strawberry banana milkshake for her breakfast, had my breakfast, we both cleaned up the house (the task that usually takes two hours was completed in half hour), prepared Adi’s milk, cooked lunch, dressed up, discussed about our plans for the day, packed bags, wore shoes and we were just a task away from stepping out.  Got to get the car keys from M’s basket in which he throws keeps all his belongings and fly out..

What did I find or rather what did I not find in his basket? You got it.. the car keys. The next 15 minutes was spent in searching for the keys under the couch/bed/recliner/TV and all other places except under the floors. We couldn’t break the tiles you see.. No luck.  Keys were not found.  Called M, his phone was switched-off as expected, remembered the call he made from his colleague’s phone during last week training, searched for the number in my phone logs, called that number, asked for M, spoke to him and found the keys but at the wrong place 😦 at M’s pant pocket. Owe it to his daily habits, as he was leaving he grabbed his purse/keys and put them in his pocket with no thought. I was furious to see my plans go out of the window.

Took a deep breath, explained the situation to Adi and we sat down there staring at each other.  After a while I took her to library, pepped up her mood by getting her own card (a long due one was checked that day),  spent sometime at library, read few books, checked out books with her card and returned home.  Then, she watched her favorite special show “My little pony-Royal wedding” in TV, we had lunch together and again sat down there staring at each other again.  Our initial plan was to go some places in the morning and then visit “Earth day fair” at Liberty state park in the afternoon.  Then, I looked out for public commute options to Liberty state park and we instantly decided to go. It was a long commute though. A train then light rail and then 20 mins walk thankfully the weather was good so we boarded the train, then the light rail and then walked for 20 minutes.

sat on the way huffing and puffing on the roads

shooed away the goose

blew off dry flowers as much as we can

and reached the park at 3:50pm.  Didn’t I tell you this day was meant to be a disaster? Most of the stalls in the fair were already closing, the inflatables were brought down and face painting line was closed. The fair was supposed to be there till 5pm. I thought we will have a good one hour to go around but they started closing at 4pm itself.  Then, we treated ourselves with ice cream, sat over there for a while (how else can I make this girl walk another 20 minutes back right away?) and started the return walk.

Met a colleague and her family at train station, played with the 7 month old baby and guess what we all boarded the train in opposite direction.  They were heading to the Sai Baba temple near my home and my good luck of the day dragged them along with us to the opposite direction 😀 but we were better off than the man who was in the compartment when we boarded, slept through till the last station, traveled back with us in the other direction, woke up just before we were about to get down and found that he lost his bag 😦 😦

To make the day better or at least to cheer us up I decided to join my colleague’s family to the temple.  Had a good darshan at temple after a long long time and then all was well. On the way back to home I took Adi to an Indian restaurant, ordered Samosa, watched her eating the hot hot Samosa shifting between hands and holding with paper, bought her some candies from a street corner shop and returned home around 8pm.

I didn’t forgive M for the blunder but does tummy know all that? All it needs is food, food and food so I shamelessly hogged on the bread upma made by him and called it a day.  I claimed that M took the keys knowingly because he couldn’t stand the fun day we had before. I know I sound cheap and silly but had that long mean face till yesterday afternoon and then got kind of cooled off.

Sunday was spent washing clothes, folding, cooking, cleaning, grinding idli batter and making other preparations for the week ahead… Such is life..


25 thoughts on “I should have known ahead

  1. Hugs! sometimes it seems like everything in the universe is conspiring to be against us! Just look beyond there is a beautiful sunrise waiting for you

    • very true Seema.. As I have mentioned in the post if we had not traveled by train we would have not seen my colleague and we would have not went to Sai baba temple..

  2. Hi,

    I ve been a silent reader of your site for awhile now.
    i like the way you describe events… and its so nice to hear abt ur kiddo.. so how old is she..almost the same things happen at our household.. thats why i was like more interested to read.. but one thing is my daughter is 3 yrs..
    visit mine when u find time..can we make friends??

  3. but but…it was a good time spent na..so what if you couldnt go where you planned..you took Adi in the train, made her see the goose, gave her ice cream and samosa…such moments are rare Ani..enjoy them 🙂

    • I totally agree RM but I took that effort to make the day good.. It was not like the other day where things were just falling you place.. you know what I mean? this was a day where I had to struggle to make it a good one.. I am glad that it turned out good..

  4. I think you had a nice day even though it was not according to the original plan. You spent nice happy moments together. Love these trips that you mom daughter duo make together 🙂

    • I wish to make many more such trips.. Not that I want to leave back M but when I go alone with Adi we get that one on one bonding time you see.. 🙂
      I did have a nice day but I would have been much more happier if everything happened as per the plan..

    • you mean travelling one way 45mins to see the fair getting closed, travelling on the opp. direction in train? It was a good day indeed but not like what I expected.. I was sad because I couldn’t go to those places in the morning 😦

    • Of course it was a good day boss but not that great or things didn’t fall in place like the other day.. NO NO I don’t want to swap.. no comparing okie? I know how your days are.. take care

    • yep we definitely had great time together.. I kind of made up by buying her samosa, candies and playing with her while we were walking but I was a little disappointed..

  5. Hugs…probably your day was following Murphy’s rule (When one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong)…
    But seriously you made the day great for Adi, she seems to have enjoyed 🙂

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