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We survived

without M for the past few weeks.  He had to travel to India on a sudden official trip.  Good for him as he got to visit Chennai for a weekend.  He returned back on Monday, a day after his daughter’s birthday but made up for that with loads and loads and loads of goodies.  Amma had sent a dozen set of dresses for Adi, skirts/kurtas for yours truly, rava laddu, om podi, murukku, sambar podi, vadam (rice fryums), tamarind pulp and much more 😀 😀 😀

The girl was missing her Appa big time. It all started right from waking her up to dropping at school. For the first two days she kept saying “This is not the way Appa does it. If you don’t know how to do then better ask me Amma”.   She was irritated and vented it out.  I was irritated and had to gulp it down :(.  I mean who would take the chance of rubbing with a six err sever year old when you have to live alone with her for the next two weeks? ***sob sob sob***

Looks like her Appa will handle the wake up part like this

Appa @7:10 : Baby, do you want to sleep for  5 more minutes?
Adi: Nodding her head heavily in up/down fashion with eyes closed.
Appa: Cuddles the little girl and both goes back to sleep.

After 5 10 minutes
Appa @7:20 : Baby, do you want to sleep for  5 more minutes?
Adi: Nodding her head heavily in up/down fashion with eyes closed.
Appa: Cuddles the little girl and both goes back to sleep.

After 5 10 minutes
Appa @7:30 : Baby, do you want to getup now?
Adi: Nodding her head heavily in left/right fashion with eyes closed.
Appa: Hmm okay we will just sleep for 2 more minutes okay?
Adi: Nodding her head heavily in up/down fashion with eyes closed.
Appa: Cuddles the little girl and both goes back to sleep.

After 2 4 minutes

@7:34 : Appa cuddles the little girl again,  pleads her to get up for next 5 minutes then carries her to the bathroom to make her sit in the potty. The carrying also happens in a particular style so she can cling to him like a monkey and sleep for that extra time of walking form bedroom to bathroom.

A spoiled girl I say. You might wonder how is Amma blindfolded from all this drama?  She is slogging in the isolated kitchen to pack all the dabbas.

And now you all know why the little girl is late to school everyday. I digress.

So, the first day I got up 30 minutes earlier, took bath, packed dabbas and went to wake her up at 7:15am. With the good intention I placed her recent favorite doll next to her, tucked her inside the blanket and closed the bedroom door before I was getting out of the bed to let the little girl continue with her peaceful sleep. I didn’t bother her till it was the minute to wake up.

@7:15am – I opened the bedroom door, switched on the light and begged her for next 5 minutes to get up. No response. Then, I was forced to raise my voice to make her walk to the bathroom as every minute was ticking away. You know the significance of one minute in the morning rush hour don’t you? She was grumpy but we got ready on time and left home at the targeted 8:00am. I dropped her at school at 8:10am and reached my work at 8:30am.  Luckily I found a parking area near my work when I parked the car for daily rate. Evenings, I left at usual time, drove to her school, picked her up and reached home at the usual hour. The same routine was followed for the next two weeks except for few changes in the morning.

The first evening, she told me in a politer manner to change the way I wake her up and that’s when she narrated the whole waking up story described above.  So, from next day I followed the way she suggested. That is, in between packing dabbas I made a visit to the bedroom @7:05, check with her if she wants to sleep for 5 more minutes, return to kitchen to continue my chores, visit bedroom again @ 7:10, check and return to kitchen, visit bedroom again @7:15, beg the girl to wake up and carry her on my back to the bathroom. Motherhood Phewww !!!!!

Otherwise, all was well.  We visited a farm with friend’s family on a Saturday, spent hours at library, attended a baby shower, played our own games, spent an evening at neighbor’s home chit chatting, cooked less, drove to craft shops and celebrated our special day (birthday and mother’s day) with baking a rainbow cake. I will do a separate post on the rainbow cake.

We also developed the habit of listening to radio and singing along in transit. We have got handful of favorite songs in hand now. I am going to miss driving along with her 😦 😦 😦

I asked her if I did a good job and her verdict was “Actuallyy you did a great job but not excellent Amma” after all that gulping down of my irritation at various points.  I know I know I should learn to keep my mouth shut…

Some pictures

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