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Multi Job

I couldn’t resist from recording this incident in the blog. Adi asked if she can do four jobs at the same time when she is ready to work.  I explained her the concept of multitasking and said I would be more than happy to see her do that. She wants to be a

Veterinarian – She wants to take care of all animals. The fact that she ran away on seeing a moth in living room should not be counted. As per her she will get better as she grows. I appreciate her guts. Guts to specialize in a field that’s more of fear to her this day.

Teacher – To help kids learn new things and be caring.

Shopkeeper – For a special shop that’s only for poor and elders. They can come in and take anything they want without paying a single penny. Its all free for them.  She has been telling this for a while now. I guess it all started when she saw a homeless on roadside and the chat we had later about their life.  I wanted to check how much she had thought through this really.  So, asked “If you don’t get money for the items then how will you buy goods for your store?”. Pat came the reply with no second thought. I will use the money I earn from working as a Veterinarian. I was shell shocked by the instant response which proves the analysis she has already done.

and the last one

Baker – because because she loves to bake with Mommy 😀 😀 😀

Amma was teasing her on a lighter note as “Nallavala irukkalam aana romba nallavalla irukathey di pattu”.  (Eng: Its good to be nice but don’t be too nice).  😀

God bless her…