My Golden period

has come to an end. Yes, you guessed it right Amma returned to India last evening after the three months sojourn at my home. She would be in her dreamland in the flight by now and here I am filled with her thoughts.  What a woman she is. If only I could be half like her as a mother Adi would turn into an excellent girl in all aspects.  She has boarded the flight with a content heart after making all these dishes for us. Hold your breath

1. 50 chapathis
2. Egg curry
3. 5 or more different kinds of chutneys
4. Arisi kali (Rice dish)
5. Murukku (5 big bottles)
6. Vendakkai poriyal
7. Potato masala
8. Idli/dosa batter enough for next 2 weeks
9. Ragi mix that’s ready to make instant dosa
10. Rasam
11. Idli podi
12. Rava – roasted – to make easy Upma
13. Idli Sambar
14. Dabbas all packed for all 3 of us for today
15. Kitchen cleaned with all dabbas washed/rearranged/refilled including the anjarai petti

and many more that I am yet to explore. We would only miss her physically for the next one week. Every nook and corner at home is already reminding about her magical touch.  As we entered the home returning from Airport Adi in her usual voice called out as “Ammachiiii”, the way she is so used to call Amma everyday when she returns from school.  As she didn’t get any response back it hit her mind that Ammachi has left to India.  She told me “Amma bare with me for few more days. I am so used to calling out for Ammachi as I enter the house everyday” 😦 poor girl.

Amma has helped me to clean the closet that was dumped with more and more clothes for past four years.  She has helped me to declutter the house.  We couldn’t help those few drops of tears at the airport.  I gave her a big bear hug as a small gratitude to all that she has done for us. You should have seen the shy in her face as I hugged her but I know for sure that she loved it.  These three months would remain special in both our hearts that no one else can understand. We would talk about it for many many more years. I should thank the circumstances that made us plan this trip.

Though she was happy about flying back to her own nest, about meeting her friends, about making those regular trips to temple every day, about getting on her own feet at her sweet home she didn’t show it out as she was equally worried about leaving her daughter in middle of many uncertain things. Hope the uncertainty vanishes one by one as she prays hard for me from the other side of the world.

I will miss those singing practice sessions where the grandmother and granddaughter take turns in showing their vocal skills. Did I mention Amma has been going to a vocal class at India for past few months where she learns devotional songs.

I will miss those family Monopoly sessions where Adi learned that losing is after all not that bad. The granddaughter and grandmother would never fail to call out for “Jai jakkamma” before rolling the dice and Adi will always be Amma’s banker dealing with her money and assets.

I will miss those evening chat sessions at backyard for hours. We will hardly open the backyard door anymore Amma.

I will miss those evening walks. An attempt I make to drag you out and you comfortably prefer to sit in the backyard.

This is the first time Amma and Adi have stayed together for longer time and they have bonded really well. Amma, infact thanked me for making this possible so she got to know more about her granddaughter. And also about how impatient her daughter is to her granddaughter. Do you guys believe this? Please say No. According to her I stand as a “cruel mom” who tortures her grandkid 🙂 🙂 For the last one week she kept saying “Please di naan irukara varaikkum kozhandhaiyae onnum solladhe. Naan kilambina appuram un ishtam pola panniko” (Please don’t shout at the kid as long as I am here. Do as you wish after I leave.)

I will miss those early exits from work to reach home sooner. I will now have to wait till its time to pickup Adi and leave at my usual hour instead of going early to an empty house.  I should give credit to Appa here for picking up Adi and indulging her by buying something for her on the way every day. The thatha/granddaughter duo now knows every shop rather every shop owner who have shop between her school and our home knows this duo now.

I was happy to be with them on their 41st wedding anniversary. I was happy to have them on my birthday. Amma gave me a hug and wished me as first thing in the morning that made the day very special to me.

There were many many more happy moments in this stay that we will cherish for rest of our life. Overall it was a pleasant stay and we are already missing you big time Amma.  The lady who can take the full credit for what I am today in all my roles.  May our bonding continue through the long distance calls forever and ever.

I am back to the beautiful blog world and my usual routine from the ecstasy land. (?) What smiley should I put here happy or sad? May be confused would be better. Confused on what smiley to choose.

Coming up Next – School updates..


26 thoughts on “My Golden period

  1. Hugs, Ani! I can imagine how you must be feeling. Mums are like that:) everytime I see my mum, I can’t help be amazed at how much age does and with so much love. Hugs!!!

    • they never cease to amaze us don’t they? hugs Smitha.. I am feeling better now at least after hearing her voice over phone and the joy she is experiencing by being back to her own nest..

    • it amazes me too.. their energy is boundless esp. when it comes to their kids.. I have to wait and see if I reflect her.. So far as a mother I have been reflecting her in many aspects unintentionally which even she acknowledged during recent visit..

  2. So good to get an update from you Ani 😀
    a very beautiful post that warmly conveys all your emotions….I can imagine how much you all are going to miss her and she you all 🙂
    Tight hugs dear

  3. Ok! First things first, I am supposed to say ‘No’ right? 😛

    Hugsss Ani. Am so feeling like meeting Mom and Dad now, but they are not able to get off from work and come here. I wish I get to go to Bengaluru now.

    And err I am craving for some vendakkai poriyal now 😉

    Prayers for all the uncertainties to vanish soon. God bless!

  4. Hugs – lots of them. I could so feel every emotion in this post. I have been reading your archives for a while and it feels really good to have you back.
    Honestly, I am praying that you get such a golden period every year. I know how it feels to reminisce on all thsoe special moments and wish they would stay forever.
    Hugs and we hope you are back to your cheery self with all of us around with you 🙂

    psst. Such a glorious food list. amma’s are like that,
    and also “Please di naan irukara varaikkum kozhandhaiyae onnum solladhe. Naan kilambina appuram un ishtam pola panniko” – all grandparents say that no?

    • hugs Toffee.. golden period every year is next to impossible 🙂
      all grandparents are universally same in pampering their grand kids – no exception.. I remember reading somewhere a grandparent and parent can never be the same.. 🙂

  5. Wow! So much food 🙂 You won’t have to cook for a week at least I am sure 😛
    Hugs Ani! Time spent with parents is so so special na? Wish you get to visit them soon.
    So good to have you back in the blog world 🙂

    • yep I have not yet cooked anything since she left and I have food for rest of the week 🙂 I will surely visit them but not this long LS.. three months together is indeed a long time.. am very well satisfied and happy with this trip.. got back to routine now 🙂 hope you are feeling better now..

  6. ok even I am confused weather to be happy that you are back to blog world or be sad to know that amma left back for India.I can so understand how it feels to return back to a vacant home.Hope you may get many more occassions to stay with your mum.And also hope all your uncertainities may get resolved dear 🙂

    • thanks garima.. blog friends understand better 🙂 🙂
      practically its not possible to stay with her for longer time at one stretch considering our work/daily life schedule and I am very happy and content with this stay.. 🙂

  7. Hey welcome back…
    Your mom cooked so much of food for you!!!
    I know that feeling when your loved ones go back, i didn’t feel like going home….
    Hope you get golden periods often 🙂

  8. Nice blog. I miss NJ. Copying someone’s tweet:
    Easy to guess a foodie lady’s location from her tweets. If she talks abt traditional Indian dishes, she’s outside India.If she gushes about Italian/french food,cheesecake & alcohol,she’s in India.

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