Happy Ganesh Chathurthi

to one and all. Thanks to Swaram  for sharing this video. We followed this video and made our own Ganesha for the first time this year using air dry clay. Adi was super excited. She made the head, ears, decorated and painted the idol all by herself. I emailed the picture to her class teacher as Adi wanted to show it to her. This is the first time we were trying our hands on clay and both of us were mighty happy with the end result. Had a deep sense of satisfaction when Ganesha was placed at pooja place and worshiped today morning. I didn’t make much for the platter though. It was just kesari and sundal (channa).  I was scared to try the kozhukattai remembering my past disaster experience.

Home made Ganesha – Sculpted by Adi and Ani 🙂

Platter – pooja time

Do you see those pretty white flowers, they are from these beauties we got home two weeks back. The two beauties are decorating the living room window and backyard pathway.


29 thoughts on “Happy Ganesh Chathurthi

  1. Gosh! Never thought I will miss the basket mums – seeing them fills me with nostalgia and a deep longing for fall days in Houston – I need to figure out where I can get mums in Singapore – wishes for the festive session

    • what’s with you? commenting in pointers these days? read your list of food items made for pooja and almost passed out at work.. you know how to make kozhukattai is it? really? can you teach me pls?

    • thaks ME.. the flowers are basket mums. Honestly I didn’t know their name before. learned it from Vini’s comment above… they are pretty and I am in love with them 🙂

  2. Wowie Ani. I am soo sooo happy someone made use of that video! Hugs to both of u 🙂

    And those pretty pretty flowers – proud owner u are 🙂

    I love sundal, made some today evening 😉

    • Like I replied to techie2mom.. this is just copy work.. no talent and all… We just followed the video shared by Swaru.. people who creatively think are the real talented ones..

  3. Ani, that is such a wonderful Ganesha! You guys are so creative! Next time, daughter and I will do that for sure! This time, we just got a clay Ganesha. And all that food looks yum! So you really celebrated properly , didn’t you 🙂

    • celebrated properly.. may be no without the kozhukattai but I tried my best 🙂
      Had I been in India I would have probably bought the clay Ganesha too but not anymore :).. Looking forward to see your Ganesha next year 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful Ganesha Idol and the fact that it is handmade makes it even more precious. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to you. I am having a giveaway for moms at the blog on occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi. Do drop in.

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