Thank you!!!

There was a delivery notice at my doorstep on Saturday afternoon that I missed a parcel and I can collect it from the local post office on Monday after 7:30am.  We were thrilled on what could that be. M said he registered for some free stuff long back and it could be that. I on the other side was clueless as I have never, never ever received a parcel before.  If at all there is a package it will be the ones we ordered online and that too will be delivered to my office address as we will never be at home during the day.  I had even requested my sweet neighbor to keep me informed about the happenings at neighborhood if any as we usually fly out of the coop before 8am and come back only after 6pm.   So, we patiently waited for one more day and on Monday morning M dropped me at post office on the way to drop Adi at school.  I waited in line restlessly with so many thoughts crossing my mind like who on the earth would have sent a parcel to me?

Then, when it was my turn I gave the notice slip to the counter lady and she went inside to pick the package. As she came back I saw a small brown box in her hand and my thoughts were slowly unfolding. When I was about to open it, M called to say that he is waiting outside. So, I rushed to the car, showed him the package and opened it with utmost care. I could sense what was inside as I was opening it and shared the background about the gift to M.  We hardly talk about blogs at home and I had not told him about all my blog friends. Not that I don’t want to tell him but it just didn’t happen.  So, I was explaining all the details fresh to him and it made me feel so good in a way.  A gift that I am receiving by parcel after so many years.  Thank you IMC. You ladies rock.  Though I did not contribute much to IMC it was so great and generous of you ladies to acknowledge me with a gift.  It was  a proud moment for me to hold the cup in my hand.  The cup is now decorating my office desk. I didn’t miss to brag about it to fellow colleagues around 🙂  talk about those little joys…  Thanks again.  Hope to contribute more to IMC in future.

It says “Indian Mommies Connect, Conversations on Motherhood, Thank you!”.




17 thoughts on “Thank you!!!

  1. The IMC ladies are the sweetest I tell you. Though I don’t find the time to be regular there anymore and contribute, I love going there and reading whenever I find some time. Such a sweet gift and the joy it brought to you makes it extra special 🙂

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