Archive | October 8, 2012

Princess cake

Smitha and Lifesong – I dedicate this post to both of you. I would not have known about this cake at all if I had not read about it in your blogs.  Thank you ladies.

This was a long weekend for Adi so I decided to bake the princess cake with her. We bought the ingredients on Saturday, baked cakes (double the required quantity) on Sunday and arranged/decorated the cake on Monday. It is a tedious process if you plan to do it all on same day. As Smitha suggested baking the cake earlier and refrigerating helps a lot. That gives us the patience needed for decoration.

We followed the steps from this video and the video recommended by Smitha.

It was worth the effort and this time I also invested on some baking supplies like a good decorating kit, cooling wire rack, turntable and a leveler from Michaels 🙂 You see our confidence level has gone up on baking.

I used butter cream frosting (store bought) mixed with pink color for the dress,  pink/white frosting and sprinklers for doll’s body (followed bodice # 2 in first video above) and the blue color fondant for those blue color decorations..

It was not a perfect one but we were happy with our first attempt 🙂