Princess cake

Smitha and Lifesong – I dedicate this post to both of you. I would not have known about this cake at all if I had not read about it in your blogs.  Thank you ladies.

This was a long weekend for Adi so I decided to bake the princess cake with her. We bought the ingredients on Saturday, baked cakes (double the required quantity) on Sunday and arranged/decorated the cake on Monday. It is a tedious process if you plan to do it all on same day. As Smitha suggested baking the cake earlier and refrigerating helps a lot. That gives us the patience needed for decoration.

We followed the steps from this video and the video recommended by Smitha.

It was worth the effort and this time I also invested on some baking supplies like a good decorating kit, cooling wire rack, turntable and a leveler from Michaels 🙂 You see our confidence level has gone up on baking.

I used butter cream frosting (store bought) mixed with pink color for the dress,  pink/white frosting and sprinklers for doll’s body (followed bodice # 2 in first video above) and the blue color fondant for those blue color decorations..

It was not a perfect one but we were happy with our first attempt 🙂



26 thoughts on “Princess cake

  1. Lovely lovely!!! 🙂 I am sure Adi must have been delighted 🙂
    For Cheebu’s B’day, I too had made the 2 cakes a day before and decorated it the next day as suggested by Smitha… yes it is very time consuming but worth every effort, seeing the smile on our little ones faces 🙂
    And yes …. I would have never dared to attempt it at home if I had not seen Smitha’s post 🙂

    • thanks again LS.. you guys were my inspiration and Adi loved it so much… a beeg hug and kiss from her during bedtime for the cake made every effort worth it.. 🙂

    • yummy is questionable but it was edible as the father/daughter are savoring it 😀 😀 .. Adi said it tasted good.. you see sometimes she doesn’t want to put me down and says something just to pacify me.. so her verdict doesn’t count.. her father – I didn’t dare to ask him as he is very honest with his opinion at least on my cooking skills 🙂

      • hmmmm then you see you need to TRY me… send me one and i will tell u if its yummy or now pakka promise 🙂

  2. It looks gorgeous Ani! Wow 🙂
    You gals are so fabulous! Watching just a round cake with some frosting mesmerizes me. Princess toh – —faints —
    But I can never bring myself to eat it 😦 it is so pretty 🙂

    • yeah.. guess what we made this in the morning and didn’t have the heart to cut it till late evening 🙂 Infact I was not in the room when Adi and M dissected it.. felt so bad.. given a chance I would have placed it at living room as a show piece 🙂

  3. Gorgeous 😀
    Too good for a first attempt Ani. I have been thinking of trying this cake from a long time, but the biggest issue is how on earth will I finish this big a cake w/o a family event 😥 😥
    Your post reminded me, I need to get a a few frosting tools for experiments like these 😀

    • eggsactly.. that was my biggest concern too but it was not as big as I expected. the top portions were small in size and got over on the same day.. also shared some with neighbors.. the last two tiers are still in the refrigerator.. hoping to finish the rest by this weekend 🙂

  4. this is lovely Ani, what are you saying, not perfect? don’t kid me lady…this is lovely!!! I’m yet to muster courage to try it thought it’s on my mind since I saw it on these two ladies’ blogs… 🙂 maybe someday I’ll also make it…

    • whatever you say it is not perfect.. look at the frosting they are not smooth and look at the top of the body.. even the body is not shaped properly.. we have made a lot of mess here..
      thanks for your generous comment 🙂 go ahead and make it when you have a get together..

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