Archive | October 25, 2012

What are we up to?

* Visited friend’s home for Golu. The girls had a gala time and sang couple of mesmerising carnatic devotional songs.

* Watched Garba at the festival happened at India street near our home. The whole street was blocked and people were dancing in a big circle oval around God’s idol. Girls were all decked up in pretty pretty heavily worked gagra and boys in Sherwani. Adi got hyped and bought the dandiya sticks but did not join the gang for dancing. Now, I am playing the audience for her dance with sticks at home every evening.

* Made a simple Jack-o-lantern with the pumpkin Adi got home from her field trip.

* Had family movie watching time at home on a Friday night. Watched “Ice age 4” with speakers on and Adi loved the experience. We have decided to have a family movie watching Friday night once in a month. You know that type where you setup everything like chips, popcorn, water, juice and watch the movie by settling down on the bed twisting/turning, fighting for pillow/blanket, switch places, cuddle as something bad happens in the movie and go to sleep as the movie ends.

* Visited Adi’s classmate’s home for Kanya Puja. This is Adi’s first time attending Kanya puja and I was her chauffeur.

* Celebrated Saraswathi Pooja with simplest prasadam of semiya payasam and sundal. The girl duly arranged her books, pencil, ruler, eraser and religiously studied in front of God for few minutes on the next day. She is getting more responsible these days but the mommy in me is still treating her as a baby much to her annoyance. **Self alert – Time to grow up mommy**

*  Honoured her music teacher with guru dhakshanai on Vijayadasami. Her teacher has requested the students to visit her for few minutes on this auspicious day to learn a new song. The swaram’s this girl sings transports me to a different world. That’s my biggest solace anytime. I only hope she continues to learn music and cherish it all her life. Something I was not able to pursue but still exists on my to-do list.

* The girl started talking about “prohibited” words in her dictionary that’s crush, sexy, kiss, butt, bikini and so on… She caught a dialogue from Ice age 4 and kept whispering it to me for more than a week. She giggles every time she sings it. “Diego and Shira, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g”. She pretends to close her eyes when two people kiss each other on the screen. I am listening to all those talks. The talks that starts like this “You know amma K said something really bad today and she whispers what K said after taking a pinky promise from me to not to tell it to anyone else”. It will be mostly around one of those prohibited words. I initially got scared when she said “something really bad” but now I understand the meaning of “something really bad” in her dictionary. Another sign of the girl growing.. A big Sigh !!!!. But, I am kind of liking it 🙂 Talk about motherhood. A mother wants her girl to grow up as well as stay as a kid at the same time. Motherhood can never never be satisfied.  Hope she doesn’t curse me in future for writing all this in public. Oh she now has a private diary which we are not allowed to see. She writes something on it most of the night before going to bed. We have pinky promised to her that we will not touch that diary without her permission.

* I am personally going through a very tough phase. Remember those uncertain things I was talking about in earlier posts. They still exist and haunting me every second. The more I try to come out of it the more I am falling prey for it and getting into depression mode. Its been a long time I experienced depression at this level and thought I have completely outgrown it. Thought I have become so matured and practical, the type that can apply brain to situations and handle them with mind.  But, isn’t life all about proving us wrong?  While in depression, heart manifolds and stands so big in front of mind that any amount of convincing or reasoning is not helping. I am hating these tears that has become my shadow off late always ready to show up any second no matter whether you read a book, walk on the road, take shower or cook they just flow through the cheeks. Hoping to sail through this difficult time sooner. I will write more details once I gather more strength and get some clarity.

* Trying my best to keep up with reading. Read Indu Sundaresan’s “Twentieth Wife” and now buried my nose into the sequel of that book “The feast of roses”.

* For all those tamil cine song lovers, I found couple of youtube links that has hour long collection of best songs (Only audio. Though it has Illayaraja’s picture the list has a mix of songs from all music directors). I am hooked on to them. Hope someone likes it.


* Signing off with Adi’s classic

Adi: Amma, why are you such a small mommy?
Mommy: You know there are people who are smaller than me.
Adi: Oh you mean dwarfs?

Aarrrgghhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all is well at your end. Keep smiling…