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Tiger mom

Am I one? The very thought of it is killing me but what can I do when I have to

1. Make her practice pattu once precisely b/w 6 to 6:30pm on Tuesday’s before leaving for the class? She reaches home from school at 6pm and have to leave for the pattu class at 6:30pm.  Her teacher complained that she is not doing well with swarams off late so I had to make her spend some extra time everyday to get back on track. After all, she cannot get it all correct on one single day and it takes few practice sessions to remember them.

2. Make sure that she finishes off her milk in the morning before leaving to school.

3. Say “NO NO” to maggie and other junkies often. Of course the agreement is to have maggie once a month for a weekend breakfast but this girl asks me for maggie every Saturday morning and gets cross with me if say no. Similarly agreements have been made mutually for other junkies like chocolates, chips et all and the same story happens.

4. Make her correct those mistakes and spellings on homework repeatedly until she gets it correct.

5. Fix her screening time to minimal on days she has other stuffs to do. Please to note I don’t say NO, the time is just reduced from the usual allowance.

6. When I say NO to playing “Tic Tac Toe” (her recent addiction) until she wins or when I HAVE to make the move in a way that she wins. Is this fair? When she does this I go singing “not fair! not fair! not fair!” and there the girl gets cross with me.

Often heard golden words from her these days are “Amma you are being so mean to me”.

She is temporarily sleeping in her room with her Appa and I am terribly terribly missing her.  She still reads the bedtime stories with me but my heart aches when I see the girl giving me good night hugs/kisses and leaves the room. Now, who has to be trained to sleep alone. her or yours truly? Sigh!!!

I want to be in her good books and at the same time want to keep up with my responsibility ALWAYS. I go mad if she chooses anyone else over me, even her Appa for that matter.  Talk about being possessive. I know I am not supposed to be like this. Just venting out. This is may be one of my weakness. Please don’t judge.

Motherhood is tough! very tough!!!!!!!!!!



A bunch of us bloggers have noticed that you have listed our blogs and have been copying our entire posts on to your site for which we neither signed up nor gave explicit permission. Hence, we would appreciate if you could stop doing that and take our blogs off your site ASAP.

Consider this a gentle reminder from our end..for now !!! 

We may not be so gentle the next time, for this is a serious issue of copyright violation..

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