Of God, Dory, Trophy, Tree, Ornaments and Honors

Okay this is going to be a picture post of not so related incidents happened in last two months …

God – One weekend evening after we returned home from a Ranganathar temple Adi decided to draw pictures of six God’s of her choice and create her own temple at home. She also packed prasadam (laddu and murukku from the temple) to give us when we visit her temple.  She drew the pictures by looking at them from Internet and had spent more than an hour of dedicated effort on these pictures. The very effort by the little girl made me hunt for laminating options to save the pictures for many many more years.  I analyzed the Laminator machine, self laminating sheets in the market and finally settled on transparent sheet protectors that was cheap and worked well for us. The God’s have now joined others in our pooja room.

That’s the girl in action looking at Kindle and drawing with utmost dedication


Over to the pictures…In this process she also learned what weapon each God holds and what is their vahanam (vehicle)..







Dory – We are the temporary care taker of Dory as our neighbors have gone on vacation. We were thrilled as they trusted us to take care of Dory. We are doing a good job so far changing its water every 5 days and feeding regularly. I spend few minutes every day sitting at the recliner watching Dory. It gives peace..


Trophy – The girl won a participation trophy on a Chess tournament that happened last month. She played three rounds with different kids and won this trophy. We went to the tournament only because her chess master said all participants will get a trophy. Yep we are cheap but the girl desperately wanted a trophy what to do? But, she played pretty well for the first time. Her moves amazed us. She looked very serious and for the whole game she had both her hands on the forehead pretending to think very deep for every move. You see, she was working hard for the trophy 🙂  The tournament was on a Friday evening. As usual, we were late for the tournament (blame it on the detours and traffic) and got lost (in spite of having GPS) while returning. We had to take many local suspicious roads to reach our neighborhood and needless to say it was a scary to ride on those roads at late night.  It was 10:30 pm by the time we reached near our home and luckily most of the Indian restaurants around were open late. So, we stepped into a Hyderabadi restaurant, hogged on the food and reached home past midnight. She will be completing the current chess session by this month and I have left the decision to her about registering for the next session. I am satisfied as she now knows the rules and how to’s of the game.  Its totally up to her to take it further.


Tree – Our tree is up for this year. The father and daughter duo set it up during Thanksgiving holidays. The girl has written her letter to Santa and has changed her preference for few gifts in the list. As I told her that it is not necessary for Santa to gift all that she wants and he might choose to gift only 1 or 2 (you see our pockets are very tight) as he has to make gifts for the kids all around the world, she has now modified the letter to mention her preference 🙂 The other day she saw the picture of one of her wish list item in her father’s phone and showed it to me secretly.  As of now, only I know what she wants but how come her father had a picture of that item?  Her suspect is growing day by day and M is only generously feeding her doubts. Sigghhhh !!!!!


Ornaments – We attended a holiday party at a camp Adi attended last summer. They let the kids make different types of ornaments, holiday cards and then there was a sing-along session. It was total fun singing holiday songs with the group.  On crafting, Adi choose the one that needed more patience and focus. See for yourself.. I made two bracelets. You see the one in her hand? I made that for her.


Honor roll – She managed to secure first honors roll for first quarter in 3rd grade. She is doing pretty well in 3rd grade. I am more than pleased with the way she is progressing in her academics. I only wish and hope as a mother that she keeps up with this in the coming years.


Did I say picture post???


20 thoughts on “Of God, Dory, Trophy, Tree, Ornaments and Honors

  1. Waw Adi is growing to be such an awesome artist, I loved those god pictures.
    Dory looks cute 🙂
    She won trophy Yay 🙂
    So this is going to be last year where she will believe in Santa 🙂
    Congratulation to Adi on the First Honors 🙂

    • yes LF.. I think this is the last year the girl will believe Santa.. 😦 I am so sad about that.. I will miss all that thrill of watching her reaction on opening the gift…

  2. Okk so I mark my entry back in Blogsphere by commenting on this wonderful post..First heartiest congrats to Adi…the drawings are superb 🙂

  3. Loved reading all the Adi updates 🙂
    Loved her drawings of the Gods 🙂
    Anything for a trophy 🙂 Cheebu is also learning to play chess from her dad.
    I see that she has lots of patience with crafting. Good work Adi 🙂
    Big congrats to Adi for securing first honours 🙂 You must be so proud 🙂 Tight hugs to her and may she always do well 🙂
    I loved your Christmas tree… we have never had a Christmas tree… maybe this year we should put one up too.

    • her patience with crafting amazes me sometimes.. I don’t think even we will put up a tree at India but here its the festivity in the air that makes us also join and celebrate the happiness 🙂 🙂 woww Cheebu is learning chess.. Its a game that needs immense focus..

  4. nice it is 🙂 I like the pumpkin near the dory 🙂 drawings of the god is too cute 🙂 a different touch on their appearance 🙂

  5. OH MY.. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and congratulations to the little one .. A TROPHY wooooooo hoooooooooo

    the pictures have come out good and Adi has a good sense of drawing 🙂 good gooood

    lots of love to the little ones and God bless and hopefully more trophies on way .. so you make some space for them

    • thanks Bikram.. yeah we can get more trophies if we pay and participate in the tournament every month 🙂 but after that horrible driving experience to the tournament place we are hesitant to go again.. space will be made only when she wins trophy not for the participation ones.. see I already told you. I sound like a tiger mom.. 😉

  6. Congratulations to the little achiever and I love all the sketches. A wonderful way of learning many things by drawing and coloring 🙂
    I love the Christmas tree.
    P.S.- Are the Christmas gifts bought & ready? Did you get the grey sweater you wanted to buy??

    • thx ME.. so far we have managed to get 2 gifts – 1 from her list and the grey sweater. I am planning to buy one more too that’s the first in her list. Its not a gift that I would buy but the girl has listed that as first preference so planning to get it.. 🙂

  7. Congratulations to Adi! She is a super star! It must have been great seeing her participate so well in the tournament!

    It’s great that she still believes in Santa – daughter has figured it out, but still wants all the presents from Santa – now that is not fair ,is it 🙂

    She is such an all-rounder – great artist, chess player, and great at acads! Hugs to her and you – for grooming her so well!

    • I think she is only reluctantly believing Santa as I am trying all my possible ways to prove her wrong when she tries to reason out why Santa cannot be real.. even Adi said this one day “Amma stop playing with me. I know you guys are the real Santa. Just get the list from me and buy all the stuff in the list” Hmmppffff

  8. congrats to Adi.. let her win many more trophies.. hmmm Christmas gift.. hope she doesnt find out the secret.. 🙂 nice pics of God and goddess.. no saree, all skirts for parwati?? :D..

  9. Adi is super talented and such a bright and bbbly child 🙂
    She looks so adorable sitting there and sketching away 🙂 Her patience and observation for details is admirable! Kudos to you for encouraging her so much 🙂
    Everytime I htink of Christmas, I think of adi and the Santa 😛

    What a trophy! I think competitions should be like this. They encourage positive competitive spirit and reinforce efforts 🙂

    • 🙂 she is very patient when it comes to art.. her current aim to setup an art gallery when she grows up and become a famous artist 🙂 Its 24th afternoon now and she is still contemplating on what to get from Santa.. a confused kid..

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