This week

continues to be disturbing..

Connecticut school shooting, Delhi gang rape and now Nithyashree husband’s suicide (though it was a personal decision) still mind is in totally disturbed state thinking of Nithyashree and her family. May God give all the strength to the families affected from these recent incidents. Let this be the end.

Thoughts are going wild, goosebumps show up as thoughts get deeper, tears roll down the moment mind pictures the families dealing with grief, there is a sense of urge to call off all those misunderstandings, to make those long pending calls, connect with everyone and just stay in the bed cuddling the family. Focus and concentration have become distant words for all that mind wants is to only sulk…

Heart yearns for some magic to happen and call off all these incidents as fake..

Adi is having security drills at school to learn how to hide in closet if a stranger enters the classroom suddenly. Her school had taken several safety measures in last one week and had circulated the detailed accounts to the parents. I spoke about the shooting incident to her though she was not ready to listen and assured her halfheartedly that she is safe.

What does “safe” mean? Who can assure it? Is it time to abolish the word “safe” from the dictionary?  I am going through the heights of insecurity questioning myself as we head start the day “what is the guarantee that we will meet as a family for dinner tonight?”

Hope the new week and new year brings some peace to home and world… All I am doing is pray hard and harder.


15 thoughts on “This week

  1. I am also going through the same feelings, I am supposed to be in my vacation mood, my husband was wondering if we should cancel as he is also feeling very low this week. The only inspiration is Chucky , she is super thrilled and waiting for this trip..

    • yeah I read your recent post.. I have issues in commenting on blogs hosted on blogspot so was not able to comment.. Adi is not upto reading newspaper yet as we don’t get it at home everyday. May be when we move to India she will start reading.. I should prepare myself..

  2. the world is resident of evil now!!!! only hope for us is to pray and pray for the fellow being, don’t get panic dear, you got a kitten in your tummy 🙂 his/ her psychological growth start to bud in your womb, though fear will be there, we gotta come out of it. Hope make the things to get relaxed. adi is super smart baby god will keep her safe, and children are wiser now-a-days, so she will manage da, don’t pester her directly, tell things in indirect manner but hit the center point, by then it may be fine for both of you

  3. well they did say and predict world will end on21st dec.. I think we are heading towards it don’t we .. its becoming worse and worse ..

    lets hope 2013 brings some good news and heads towards goodness

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