Happy New Year 2013

May the new year bring loads of happiness, love and peace to you and your family.

Let each one of us be blessed with the courage and strength to deal with the challenges life throws at us in the form of people with their attitudes, in the form of nightmarish incidents that happens around us, in the form of injustice offered that no human deserves and  in the form of natural disaster.

Let us learn better techniques to handle our offspring’s tantrums.

Let us learn to be considerate to our environment. (one thing I am planning to take up seriously by putting my awareness from last year into actions in 2013)

Let us learn to treat life and people with simple love and affection.

Let us learn, Let us learn, Let us learn the lessons of life and evolve as a better person to our own self, to our family, to our environment and to our society.

Happy learning and hello 2013 !!!!!!!

P.S:  Adi has learned to make resolution and her first one this year is  “Never to break a promise” big one eh? I will be the best person to keep track of this 🙂 Let’s see..



18 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013

  1. Happy happy new year to you and family

    May all your dreams and wishes cone true in this new year.
    God bless

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